Cabarrus Conservative Alliance Backs Cabarrus GOP Resolution

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On Saturday, April 26th, I reported that the Cabarrus Republican party had issued a resolution condemning two candidates. One was Leigh Brown, who is challenging Rep. Larry Pittman for his seat at the NC General Assembly. The other is Diane Honeycutt, running for County Commissioner.

On April 27th, the Cabarrus Conservative Alliance came out backing the Cabarrus Republican party’s resolution in an open letter to voters.  Here is an excerpt, but folks should read the whole thing:

The members of the Cabarrus County Republican Party Executive Committee just released an announcement pointing out the truth about two individuals who are running for election under what can only be termed false pretenses. This is what those in the Executive Committee positions should be doing. They are showing leadership and fortitude against the incursions of those who either unwittingly or intentionally support the Progressive agenda.

Those on the Committee are taking the heat and facing the slings and arrows of the Progressives for doing exactly what the voters of Cabarrus County should expect them to do. In evidence of that statement there were well over 175 people who showed up to the most recent Cabarrus County Commissioners meeting and nearly 40 people spoke both in support and opposition to some budget proposals being made. There were so many people participating that it was necessary to set up chairs in the lower level of the Government building in order to facilitate the crowd. Previously the Commissioners chambers have been woefully empty and very few people have been involved.

The truth of the matter is the Cabarrus County Republican Party Executive Committee is made up of a very diverse group of citizens. There are three former Cabarrus County Commissioners, representatives from both Republican Women’s committees, sitting and former members of the Cabarrus County School Board, a retired teacher, local business owners, a sitting city councilman, one who holds a PHD Degree in Theology, two Information Technology experts, a truck driver, a homemaker/homeschooling mother of two, one who is a commercial pilot, real estate broker in charge, auctioneer, professional appraiser of aircraft, cars and real estate who owns businesses in 3 counties, another who has been an entrepreneur for 25+ years; owned/operated the only privately-held mobile mammography facility east of Texas … and won national recognition for her work; now owns a real estate brokerage and a property management company and another who is a financial planning professional as examples.

The Cabarrus GOP started taking flak for this resolution with claims it violated party rules. One example from Justin Thibault on Twitter, who incidentally is also quoted in the Independent Tribune article that broke the news.

Others have claimed that Cabarrus GOP was well within their guidelines. In fact, one comment on my previous article laid it out and echoes much of what the Cabarrus Conservative Alliance said in their letter:

It needs to be made very clear to the public that the CCGOP executive board voted 16:1 for the disavowment/censure of these two candidates. Please keep in mind that the executive board consists of a wide range of citizens, including 3 former county commissioners, as well as sitting and former school board members, and including citizens who have been involved on the CC political scene for decades. This was NOT an arbitrary decision made because “someone” did not “like” someone else. This was action taken for cause.


Full Disclosure


I have been fighting Common Core for over a year and a half now. The support Rep. Pittman has lent to that fight has been invaluable. He has been a very vocal opponent to Common Core and, along with the bulk of the legislators Common Core LRC, has done tremendous work on that front. In fact, the Common Core LRC just held their final meeting and gave their findings. Along with those findings was a draft bill that removes Common Core from our state statutes and sets up commissions to replace the Common Core with NC Standards by the end of 2015. It should be noted and applauded that Rep. Tillman has been instrumental in bringing about this bill. This is an excellent first step.

Rep. Pittman is critical to this fight. Neither Ms. Brown nor Mr. Schecter have any clue about Common Core nor the education chaos it has created in our state.  It should be noted that Mr. Schecter, a NYC area transplant with an apparent penchant for false rhetoric,  was given carte blanche to make political statements at a “Friends of Education Townhall”, held at Cox Mills High School, where Dr. Atkinson was appearing as well. Rep. Pittman was NOT alerted to that meeting nor has been given equal time to address the public in response to Mr. Schecter’s claims. To date, the Assistant Principal who played host, nor her boss have responded to my repeated requests for clarification on the event.

I do not usually endorse one candidate over another on this blog, but rather leave it for the readers to decide what they find useful or who best represents them. I’ve presented the facts on Ms. Brown quite a few times and have frequented her social media sites. I find her to be well-meaning, but totally unprepared to dive into the General Assembly and to be blunt, a bit of a “DemoPublicanRepubliCrat” flake. As for the Democrat, Earle Schecter,  I am not fond of the tactics being used by him or employed to get him public face time. Let me be clear in stating that I believe Rep. Larry Pittman has faithfully and strongly represented Cabarrus county (NC 82.) I’ve also acknowledged my bias with regard to the Common Core.

Having said all of that,  I am making a rare exception here and am fully endorsing Rep. Larry Pittman for reelection. 

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