Cabarrus GOP Denounces 2 Candidates

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Well, Leigh Brown, a.k.a the Hair, is back in the news.

The Cabarrus County Republican party has denounced her. I’m kind of surprised it took this long. The Cabarrus GOP also denounced Diane Honeycutt.

CONCORD, N.C. – The divisive and increasingly bitter local GOP primary races took another twist Friday when the Cabarrus County Republican Party’s executive board passed a resolution condemning two of the party’s candidates for “exhibiting actions that are not reflective of Republican Party values.”

On a 16-1 vote, the board passed a resolution harshly criticizing Diane Honeycutt and Leigh Brown for what party leaders described as attempts “to benefit from the Republican brand and label.”

“They don’t appear to be Republicans,” said Lanny Lancaster, vice chairman of the Cabarrus County GOP.

Brown is challenging incumbent Larry Pittman for the GOP nomination for N.C. House of Representatives District 82. The winner will face Democrat Earle Schecter in the November election.

Honeycutt is one of four GOP candidates challenging three GOP incumbents for two seats on the Cabarrus County Board of Commissioners.

“We do not feel Leigh Brown nor Diane Honeycutt are true examples to represent the Republican brand,” the resolution reads.

“They don’t appear to be Republicans.”
Well, duh. Leigh Brown is a “DemoPublicanRepubliCrat”.

Oh, and quick reminder – Brown tried to run for Governor once and failed to raise more than a few hundred bucks.  Read the run-down on her here.

Honeycutt I don’t know that much about other than she is a pal of The Hair and like The Hair, Honeycutt is a realtor Honeycutt has a big business and philanthropy resume but not much in the way of public office. Honeycutt supporter were keen to get Democrats to switch their party affiliations to mess with the primary vote. Same tactic was pushed by The Hair. Read about it here: #NC82 Candidate Wants Democrat Votes?

Back to the denouncing

The Hair and Honeycutt, were of course, outraged.  The Cabarrus Republicans responded with reasons for their action. Those reasons included being recently registered Republicans, no activity in the Republican party prior to their runs, endorsing and funding Democrat candidates, refused the Cabarrus Party’s questionnaire that is part of the vetting/endorsing process, refused to attend Cabarrus county Republican forums and more. The very first item is the one I already wrote about – affiliation swapping to mess with the primary. In fact, here’s the list courtesy of Independent Tribune:

 » “The Candidate(s): publicly encouraged Democrats to change to Unaffiliated so to “influence” the Republican Primary on May 6, 2014.

   » “The Candidate(s): have recently contributed to Democrats candidates running for office.

   » “The Candidate(s): have been openly been endorsed by predominant registered Democrats.

   » “The Candidate(s): refused to answer Cabarrus County Republican Party questionnaire as part of the vetting process.

   » “The Candidate(s): refused to attend Cabarrus County Republican Party forums as part of the vetting process.

   » “The Candidate(s): openly mocked and discredited the Republican Party.

   » “These actions appear to be an attempt to benefit from the Republican brand and label while openly exhibiting actions that are not reflective of Republican Party values,” the resolution reads.

Save the outrage ladies.  You’ve been well documented and your social media sites are rife with left leaning junk. You’re not fooling anyone. Read the rest of the article and watch them dig the hole deeper.

 UPDATE: After receiving some feedback that Brown was indeed a Democrat Republican and always has been, I’d like to point to her filing for her unsuccessful bid in the Governor’s race. Independent.


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  2. ric starnes says:

    Thanks to Lady Liberty & Carolina Plott Hound for bringing this great news to the forefront. Our local paper here in Concord refuses to give this article a a proper and truthful headline but you guys evidently know what TRUTH IS. Thank you so much. My fellow conservatives now know about you.


  3. Jean Griswold says:

    It needs to be made very clear to the public that the CCGOP executive board voted 16:1 for the disavowment/censure of these two candidates. Please keep in mind that the executive board consists of a wide range of citizens, including 3 former county commissioners, as well as sitting and former school board members, and including citizens who have been involved on the CC political scene for decades. This was NOT an arbitrary decision made because “someone” did not “like” someone else. This was action taken for cause.


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