#NC82 Candidate Wants Democrat Votes?

“The Hair” is back and she’s really running.

Leigh Thomas Brown  - FacebookIn case you missed it, The Hair is Leigh Brown of Cabarrus County. This time, it’s not the Governor’s mansion she’s running for. This time the DemoPublicanRepubliCrat  is challenging Rep. Larry Pittman for his seat in NC 82.

It’s going to be a tough race for her despite the funding from her real estate friends at the Chamber of Commerce. She needs all of her friends to be able to vote for her May 8th.

In order to do that The Hair wants Democrats to change their affiliation. Nope, not kidding:

Leigh Thomas Brown - Facebook


It’s a public page, so feel free to go see how many liberals and democrats are so excited to go switch to vote for the ‘DemoPublicanRepubliCrat’.  Her campaign manager, Liz Gray, also wants all those Dems to so switch and vote for The Hair:

Gray’s company is a “Consulting and implementation for local government, politics, for profit and not for profit organizations, small business and individuals.”  Therefore it makes sense she be campaign manager for The Hair and promote The Hair’s realtor friend, Diane Honeycutt.


The Hair has yet to debate Rep. Pittman. She seems so gung-ho, so what’s the holdup? Well, she’s got a problem with the Cabarrus County GOP apparently as she describes in this video. There’s a lot of “waaaahhh!” in it, but it’s mercifully short. The Hair wants a moderator and a neutral setting too — because she’s allegedly a Republican and having a debate with another Republican in a Republican setting would be rough on her, right?  In the video, The Hair has also had it with what she calls “harassing comments” on her Facebook page. Harassing, in this case, is translated to mean criticism. Welcome to politics, ma’am. The Hair is already censoring what she doesn’t like – at least on Facebook.

Leigh Thomas Brown - Facebook



Yes, let’s keep it ‘friendly’ and use the same affiliation trick to try to flip other seats. It would seem that right around the same time The Hair was encouraging people to change their affiliation so they could mess with the May 6th vote, so were others in Cabarrus County.

Check out Lynn Shue openly calling for such action and Steve Morris perhaps endorsing it with a link to a related article:

Lynn Shue - Come flip parties  - facebook


Steve Morris - Switch Parties - Facebook

You should read the article he links to here.

Morris also is endorsing Diane Honeycutt and Grace Mynatt for commissioner spots.

Interesting picks or strategic attempts to alter the board?

Those running for re-election are; Jason Oesterreich, Chris Measmer & Larry Burrage.

Honeycutt is a pal of The Hair and like The Hair, Honeycutt is a realtor Honeycutt has a big business and philanthropy resume but not much in the way of public office.

Grace Mynatt is a little different story. She’s already served on the Cabarrus County Board of Commissioners. Mynatt is a fairly new Republican.  Mynatt picks up the teacher pay issue on her website, but apparently only increased the teacher supplement in her county by 5% in her four years and has racked up massive debt according to Cabarrus County Commissioner Jason Oesterreich:

There seems to be a lot of shenanigans going on in Cabarrus County.
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