NCGOP To Cabarrus: Rescind Resolution

Encouraging people to swap parties to steer a primary, Democrats dressed up like Republicans — or in some cases DemoPublicanRepubliCrats” — these are a few of the examples of the mess out in Cabarrus county. The Cabarrus Republican party had had enough and put a resolution out denouncing two candidates and the various tactics being employed. A few days later, the NC GOP told Cabarrus to rescind that resolution claiming it violated party rules. 

I reached out to the NC GOP. Here is the statement from Executive Director Todd Poole about it (below). Poole also clarified that the NC GOP ‘received no complaints from any state reps or state elected officials’. about the Cabarrus resolution.

Once a complaint is filed, the NCGOP is required to determine if a violation has occurred, and then take action if there is a violation.  In the case of Cabarrus County, we received a number of complaints from registered Republicans in the county. It was determined that a violation of the state plan of organization had occurred and we notified the Cabarrus GOP of this violation. The members of the Cabarrus County Executive Committee took corrective action to retract the resolution and apologize.
We have many competitive primaries this year across the state, with a lot of great candidates, and a highly energized grassroots. Those are signs of a strong and vibrant party. But once the primaries are over and we have our nominees, our state and county parties need to have the ability to rally Republicans to victory in November. If we can’t do that, we will lose elections to Democrats.

Not sure I agree here. Seems to me if we don’t call out these shenanigans, we lose elections to Democrats but just in Republican clothing.

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