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Another KKK Rally Hoax In NC

Last year, a KKK rally hoax was perpetrated on Durham. This year, another KKK hoax has occurred at UNC-Chapel Hill.

In both cases, the rumors passed on were sketchy at best and at worst, likely ginned up by activists obsessed with tearing down Confederate statues. Continue reading

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Son of Major #NCGA Democrat Arrested For DUI, NC Media Issue Zero Stories

The son of a major Democrat at the NC General Assembly was arrested for DUI on Friday at around 1:40 pm. 

Not only is Dan Blue III the son of a sitting NC state house senator, he also ran for state treasurer in 2016.

This is newsworthy.  

So where is the news? Continue reading

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N&O Runs Headline Quote From Transvaginal Wand Waver – #ncpol

What is it with NC media using the most radical person they can find and quoting them like they are Johnny or Janie Smith?
Latest case in point – The News and Observer running with a quote from LGBT activist/Occupy Defender/Transvaginal wand waver, Deb Butler.  Continue reading

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Firm That Paid Journalists Off ‘Fights Back’

The NY Times is running a story written by Fusion GPS’ founders about ‘fighting back’ on the Steele dossier. 
If hypocrisy and irony had a baby, this article would be it. Continue reading

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Media Can’t Even Leave Christmas Decorations Alone

Christmas decorations are the latest attack on the Trump White House by media. Continue reading

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Opinion: Hypocrisy and Fake News Abound at WRAL

Just how dumb do Democracy NC and WRAL think North Carolinians are?
Hypocrisy and fake news abound these days at North Carolina media outlet, WRAL.
Last week, the outlet dropped not one, but three separate reports on a story regarding a video studio located in the Lt. Governor’s office. Continue reading

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WRAL Misses Mark on Dark Money Group Fundraiser

Talk about missing the mark. What WRAL gave readers was a sanitized, 30,000-foot view of the dark money group, barely mentioning in passing that Moving NC Forward is a 501(c)4 organization and as such, does not have to disclose its donors. Continue reading

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