Charlotte Supt. Clark Halts Moving Forward With Transgender Facilities Policy

Despite House Bill 2, the Charlotte-Mecklenburg school district (CMS) had every intent of moving forward with plans to implement a transgender facilities policy, however all of that has been put on hold.

CMS Superintendent Ann Clark made a statement on halting the policy, citing the recent Supreme Court ruling striking down a 4th Circuit’s order forcing a school district to create an open bathroom policy.

Via WCNC news:

“CMS remains committed to nurturing a safe and welcoming learning environment for every student. As a result of yesterday’s U.S. Supreme Court ruling, we have placed a temporary hold on the section of the CMS bullying prevention regulation which states that transgender students will be given access to the restroom and locker room facilities corresponding to their gender identity. The rest of the regulation, which is intended to promote consistency in anti-bullying support for all students, will remain intact.  CMS will respect the Supreme Court’s decision just as we did that of the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals.”


Representative and Executive Director of Equality NC, Chris Sgro, wasted no time issuing a response statement:

Yesterday, an ethics complaint was filed against Sgro alleging his role as a legislator and that of an organization fundraising against and suing the state in a fight over House Bill 2 is a conflict of interest.

CMS Superintendent Ann Clark had unveiled the plan to allow transgender facilities access only after the current school year ended, leaving parents with no recourse and no voice. CMS is the second largest in the state, behind Wake county, with over 146,000 students.

According to WBTV’s report at the time, Senator Phil Berger blasted Clark, saying the move was an “Outrageous plan to break the law.”

In his statement included in the WBTV report, Governor McCrory also called out the plan as a violation of state law:

 “Instead of providing reasonable accommodations for some students facing unique circumstances, the Charlotte-Mecklenburg School System made a radical change to their shower, locker room and restroom policy for all students. This curiously-timed announcement that changes the basic expectations of privacy for students comes just after school let out and defies transparency, especially for parents. The Charlotte-Mecklenburg School System should have waited for the courts to make a decision instead of purposely breaking state law.”

NC Values Coalition sent out an email this past week, addressing this proposed plan in an effort to raise awareness prior to the start of the rapidly approaching 2016-17 school year.

NC Values Coalition stated they had received a copy of the proposed plan and laid out some of the highlights:

1. Parental involvement dependent on student’s permission: “Involvement of parents in the plan is determined in working with the student, considering the student’s age and health, wellbeing and safety concerns” (pg. 34).

2. Students can choose their bathrooms and changing facilities: “Students must have access to the restroom/changing facilities that correspond to their gender identity” (pg. 42).

3. CMS will remove some gender-based activities: “CMS will evaluate all gender-based activities; maintain only those that have clear and sound pedagogical purpose” (pg. 46).

4. Students can choose their gender-based activities (intramural sports, dress codes, classes, ceremonies, photos, extracurricular activities, etc). This includes choosing which gender they participate with during overnight field trips: “Students are permitted to participate in gender-based activities consistent with their gender identity.” (pg. 46).

5. Students shall not be referred to as “boys and girls” in classrooms, but “scholars” or “students.” : “Avoid gender specific classroom management techniques” (pg. 46).

The email from NC Values coalition included a letter for parents to sign and suggested also printing the letter out to mail it to their local school.

The plan was accompanied by a “Gender Unicorn, from a website called ‘Trans Student Educational Resources‘ or TSER for short:

Purple Unicorn

TSER is a 501(c)3 organization that has only been tax exempt since 2014.  According to the TSER website, the organization has apparently aligned itself with Blacks Live Matter.



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4 Responses to Charlotte Supt. Clark Halts Moving Forward With Transgender Facilities Policy

  1. Adam says:

    I read the proposed policy and it stated students would play on the sports teams corresponding with their birth cert.


  2. bydesign001 says:

    If only educational institutions would put forth such efforts in educating our children. The three R’s? Fast becoming a thing of the past.
    Below is an excerpt from the statement that Rev. Franklin Graham’s posted on his Facebook page Friday regarding The Gender Unicorn:
    The Gender Unicorn? Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools in North Carolina wants to try to brainwash our children into accepting that homosexuality and transgender behavior is okay—and they’re using an innocent looking Gender Unicorn to do it. Parents, watch out. They are using this unicorn to grab the imagination of children and make this seem acceptable. Their new school policy, set to go into effect August 29, includes very concerning gender neutral bathroom/locker room policies and more. The policy says staff shouldn’t use the terms “girls” and “boys,” but should use “scholars” or “students.” It says that the school will work with students to determine when parents should be involved and that the staff can’t tell parents what their gender identity is without the student’s permission. Parents should be outraged and so should we.
    The Communists used brainwashing in Eastern Europe and Russia, and they took the parents out of the decision-making process and the state began to make decisions about morality. This is a dangerous path.


  3. Kim says:

    Where are the parents???? Is THIS what you voted for? Are CMS performing so well that the School Board can spend its time on Indoctrination and not education? Are your children proficient in math, reading and writing? Are your children even safe at school?? Snap out of your stupor, parents!!!! These people are screwing your children!! And YOU just sit idly by…


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