Michaels on NCSpin: Atkinson won’t run again in 2016

Cash Michaels made the claim on NCSpin ‘s 6/22/14 episode) that State Superintendent June Atkinson won’t run again in 2016.  Also in this episode was an minor hissy fit by NC Policy Watch’s Chris Fitzsimon. For a laugh, watch the portion from the 19:45 mark talking about Moral Monday. At the end of it, Fitzsimon has a bit of a meltdown. I laughed.

Watch the Cash Michaels clip below:


Gee, someone else thinks that too? I’ve  noted before that she dismantled her campaign website and dissolved one of her campaign funds at the NC Board of Elections. There is likely more than a simple wish to retire, the fact she’s losing allies at a rapid rate, has done little to advance the teacher pay agenda or the fact she has the Perdue knack for making ridiculous and embarrassing hyperbolic statements. No, I bet it has more to do with her stealthily sneaking the fundamentally flawed standards in to North Carolina.

What fundamentally flawed standards? Oh that’s right, the majority of citizens still haven’t heard of them after two years of implementation. Or maybe you have heard of Common Core?

As President Elect of the CCSSO (one of the two D.C. trade organizations that hold the AtkinsonPresElect
copyright on Common Core) she’s made an unholy mess out of it. I doubt many voters out there cared for the way she’s treated them during this fiasco.

I don’t think Dr. Atkinson imagined in her wildest dreams she would ever be questioned on Common Core and I think what we’ve seen come out of her is very telling of that. The message seems to be: I’m not going to help you or this state; I’m helping myself.

CC June False WitnessIf Atkinson treats the Lt. Governor with disrespect, we peon citizens should watch out. Just to drive home how this elected official has treated voting parents, let’s review. Atkinson has called parents questioning Common Core a range of things, including ‘liars’, ‘sad‘, ‘misguided‘, ‘misinformed‘ and the cherry on top being that opposition is “bearing false witness“.

How come it is OK for Atkinson to throw the Bible in our faces, yet someone showing up and quoting the Bible in opposition of Common Core is mocked? Oh yeah right, our media.

Well, if it is true and she’s not running again then we need to look around. We need someone who won’t obligate our state to anything like Common Core, which stripped North Carolina of its sovereignty and imposed an untested, unproven and fundamentally flawed set of experimental standards on our children and teachers.

Start looking, people. Do it now, because 2016 will be here fast.


* Article has been updated

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  1. P West says:

    You are not totally accurate about the campaign account. The current account is active..http://app.ncsbe.gov/webapps/cf_rpt_search_org/cf_report_comm_results.aspx?O=on&C=on&I=on&NM=June%20Atkinson


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