Dan Pfeiffer Made Me Laugh.

Saw this tweet this morning:

I laughed.

Laughed harder at this follow-up tweet:

If the political opportunism in these tweets were any more obvious, they  would be flashing in neon.

These tweets remind me of the time Captain Obvious fell in a vat of Old Spice…but I digress.

The nation knows Jeb Bush is the candidate to pick if you adore the fundamentally flawed experiment called Common Core.

When asked about standards point-blank at the debate, Bush couldn’t even utter the words ‘Common Core’. The question was redirected to Rubio, who deftly nailed Bush’s pathetic answer to Bush’s forehead.

Most of us who’ve been fighting it for the last 4-5 years also know Kasich jumped in this race to take that heat off Bush and hand him Ohio.

Bush crashed and burned in the first debate. I don’t believe he will be the nominee. Neither will Kasich. So the question becomes, who is Kasich going to hand Ohio to?

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