Hey Wake County, Ready To Pay More In Taxes?

Didn’t I warn people to expect that tax hikes were coming?  Yep.

What I didn’t expect was the Wake County Commissioners to blink.

The $1.4 billion dollar budget submitted by Wake County Schools Superintendent won’t get fully funded from the looks of it — at least not right away. They’re looking to fund this $48 million dollar increase in the budget over time.

ABC 11 reported:

County Manager Jim Hartmann’s $1.1 billion budget only provides for a $34.6 million increase for Wake County Schools, which would come with a 2.9-cent property tax increase.

For the school system to get all $48 million of what it’s requested, commissioners will need to approve a 3.9-cent increase on property taxes, which would mean that average homeowner pays $104 more per year.

New Wake County Commissioner and Moral Monday supporter, Sig Hutchinson, is all too happy to volunteer the hard earned money of Wake citizens. ABC 11 continued:

“Clearly, we feel that the citizens are for us,” Wake County Commissioner Sig Hutchinson said. “We value public education. We value our teachers. We understand the value of good strong public education so what I believe our citizens are saying, ‘We’re willing to pay for that.'”

Hutchinson points to a public hearing on the tax hike as proof citizens want to pay more taxes.  If it was anything like the astroturfed Wake School Board hearing on the budget, of course there were people wanting to pay more.

The stress was put on the increase paying for teacher raises. Wake County’s teachers are some of the highest paid in the state already.

There is also mention of paying for new programs. Would that include programs that are compulsory and implemented without parent knowledge like the Kindergarten Entry Assessment?  Or do they mean the ‘white privilege‘ training for teachers and creation of more social issues office like the office of diversity affairs? Maybe an unannounced pilot program or two?

The ABC 11 article closes with this paragraph; emphasis added:

The issue will be decided at their meeting next Monday. It’s still unclear which way commissioners will go. They only need four commissioners to support a 3.9-cent hike.

Well, they already have four. Forward together, not one cent back.


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