Gird Your Wallet: Wake County Commissioner Races 2014

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The Moral Monday candidates took the Wake County Commissioner races last night.
Gird your wallets, people.

Frankly, I don’t know what Wake voters were thinking.  These Moral Monday candidates ran under the banner of ‘More with Four’. Well, the ‘More’ in that title is more taxes. When those tax increases, mass transit boondoggles and bond referendums start to come, don’t complain to me. I warned you.

As for the NC GOP. Shame on you. You neglected these races and it look what happened.

These Moral Monday candidates didn’t have enough experience to full a thimble and instead of promoting the Republicans like you did last cycle, you seemingly blew it off.  Now these big government, big spending, social justice crusaders are in control of our taxes.

Excuse the typo in the above tweet. Note to self, don’t type angry.

Across all four races, the party candidate numbers looked like this:
(Dem. in blue, Rep. in Red, Differential in Green)

Election Day One Stop Absentee by Mail Provisional Total Votes
447,562 224,818 15,081 0 687,461
411,554 121,242 18,677 0 551,473
36,008 103,576 -3,596 0 135,988

I have a more detailed breakdown available here.

Here’s how the specific race numbers fell:

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6 Responses to Gird Your Wallet: Wake County Commissioner Races 2014

  1. Joanna Malone says:

    Another suggestion….clean sweep of Wake County Chair and team. Inexcusable lack of support for Commissioners and judges.


  2. Dennis Peterson says:

    Wake is following Mecklenburg’s lead. The good news is we defeated a tax hike on Tuesday – the bad news is that Charlotte continues spending like money grows on trees (higher taxes on the way).


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  4. I suggest folks take time to watch a 6 minute video on “The Frederick Douglass Republican Movement – Turning Confrontation Into Conference!” and then get in contact with KCarl Smith and work with him to develop a strategy to begin educating Wake County. The Wake County GOP had him here before and we need a consolidate effort to educate citizens/voters on conservatism before America is destroyed!


  5. Don Watson says:

    The Wake County GOP leadership was a disaster. What does it take to WakeUup the Wake GOP leadership? Have they ever heard of Alinsky? History continues to go unheeded.


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