VIDEO: NC Common Core March #ASRC Meeting (Updated)

Dont mend it end itThe March meeting of the NC Common Core Academic Standards Review Commission was held yesterday in Raleigh.

Former Common Core Validation Committee members, Dr. Sandra Stotsky and Dr. James Milgram came to present to the commission.

Materials presented, including written testimony from Dr. Milgram and Dr. Stotsky, can be accessed at the ASRC website.

Both Milgram and Stotsky give details into why they did not sign off on validating the standards. Emphasis was placed on teacher preparation, licensing and training by both Milgram and Stotsky.  Each speaker highlighted multiple and serious flaws in the Common Core standards and used illustrative examples.

Update 3-18-15: A copy of the ‘rebuttal‘ by Validation Committee member and Friday Institute employee, Jere Confrey’ was posted by NC Policy Watch. Related: Laugh or Cry: Validation Cmte Member’s 4 Sentence Defense of Common Core

Also asked to speak to the group, by Co-Chair Andre Peek, was Dr. Kevin Perks of WestEd. WestEd is largely funded by the Department of Education and has extensive ties to the CCSSO and the Common Core testing consortium, the SBAC.

Through information from various sources, allegedly someone from SAS Institute’s ‘education non-profit’, BEST NC, advised Co-Chair Peek on inviting Dr. Perks to the meeting.

I live tweeted from the meeting. You can view the tweets in a chronological timeline in my Storify Article.

Video was shot of this meeting and a big thank you to Major Dave for his work on that front. This is a great service he has provided.

Below are links to the video clips and the video descriptions.  In the coming days, I’ll be delving into these various videos. Stay tuned.

Part 1 – NC ASRC Hearing 

The NC Academic Standards Review Commission continues its work to develop recommendations for changes to replace Common Core in NC. This hearing offered three national experts in the field an opportunity to express their views about what NC should consider as their replacement and what that process might look like.

Part 2  Dr. Sandra Stotsky – NC ASRC Hearing 
Dr. Sandra Stotsky is a renowned authority on academic standards and spoke to the Commission about English/Language Arts (ELA) standards originally promoted as a component of Common Core and about her resignation from the group developing it when the final version was discovered to be a radical departure from her recommendations and those of some of her colleagues.

Part 3 – Dr. James Milgram – NC ASRC Hearing
Dr. James Milgram was one of the original participants in the design of Common Core standards but resigned in disagreement over the final product which was neither rigorous nor tested sufficiently to determine their real value in the classroom. He speaks primarily about the Math standards in use across the globe and why some succeed where others fail.

Part 4 – Dr. Kevin Perks of WestEd – NC ASRC Hearing 
Dr. Kevin Perks, Program and Research Associate with the non-profit WestEd spoke about his experiences with helping states, districts and schools transition from one set of standards to another and the common challenges to be faced in any such endeavor. He made it clear from the outset that he was not speaking either in favor of or in opposition to Common Core but was focusing on the mechanics of the transition process.

Part 5 – Roundtable 1 NC ASRC Hearing 
Following the presentations by all three guest experts, members of the ASRC engaged them in a round table discussion to clarify such things as the difference between standards and curriculum, issues of teacher licensing and certification, and on methods and standards successfully used by other States and countries.

Part 6 – Roundtable 2 NC ASRC Hearing
Members of the NC Academic Standards Review Commission pose additional questions to the panel of experts on the details of revising NC’s current standards which are part of Common Core to assess what is required as both a method and a result for replacing them.

Part 7 – Roundtable 3 NC ASRC Hearing 
In the third and final part, the Commission engages the experts on the relationship between the needs of the workforce and the goals of the education system.


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