Laugh or Cry: Validation Cmte Member’s 4 Sentence Defense of Common Core

Laugh or cry?
Somehow, I missed this one.  One of the Common Core Validation Committee members defended her rubber-stamp yes vote on the standards with 4 sentences in the News and Observer.

As the sole North Carolinian on the Validation Committee for the Common Core Standards in math, I studied the data, and the standards are not developmentally inappropriate; they are internationally competitive.

At a time when money is tight and we are starving out our best teachers, are we going to waste public funds and generate two years of chaos creating another set of standards for two years? Mathematics in North Carolina is no different from in any other state. The standards allow economies of scale around professional development, writing tests and developing materials, and they serve the needs of highly mobile, under-performing student populations.

This is nothing more than political maneuvering to curry to ideologues at a devastating cost to our kids.


Wow. Phone-in that list of talking points much? Did no one tell her they’ve moved on from the “politicizing” talking point she threw in as her concluding sentence?

I left a comment:

There were 26 members of the validation committee and 2 co-chairs. Ms. Confrey was the only North Carolinian but the sole Mathematician was Dr. James Milgram. Milgram refused to sign off on the standards for a litany of reasons. As did four others.

Their objections were wiped from the record, which was unsurprising since they all were required to sign confidentiality agreements. That alone should send up a red flag. Read the statement of one of them here.

Ms. Confrey has gone around the state promoting Common Core. She is part of a think tank that is paid to do so – The Friday Institute. Ms. Confrey’s work at NCSU has also been to promote Common Core. She is not objective, she is invested.


See:  *See Notes

Ms. Confrey’s closing sentence is truly insulting coming from an “educator”.
We’re not idealogues –we’re PARENTS. This has nothing to do with politics coming from the ones who truly oppose it.

This is about our kids. We see Common Core for what it is, a fundamentally flawed experiment of sub-par standards in an effort to pigeon hole kids into one job funnel or another. These standards are funded, created and controlled by groups that are not accountable to voters. They are copyrighted as well.

Get the facts, people. 


Indeed, Ms. Confrey is very invested in Common Core:

Title: Completing, Validating, and Linking Learning Trajectories for K-8 Rational Number Reasoning Tied to the Common Core Standards
Project Team:

PI-Jere Confrey, Alan Maloney

National Science Foundation

Project Total:



The Friday Institute
By the way, the Friday Institute has its fingers in the Race To The Top grant pockets pretty deep. The Friday Institute won the big contract from NC Department of Public Instruction using Race to The Top grant money that included moving from textbooks to digital means and aligning all curriculum to the Common Core. The contract was 4 years and worth $3.3 million.  The Friday Institute also was paid for “Performance Incentives and Strategic Staffing: Learnings from Race to the Top”

The money being thrown around to get everything ‘digital’  is obscene and really not hitting the classrooms. Just a reminder that NC applied for a ‘no cost extension‘ for the Race To The Top grant, which would have expired this September.




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