Pearson Is Everywhere: New Mexico Bid-Rigging Lawsuit Is Still On

PearsonWelcome back to Pearson Is Everywhere!

Last time, we looked at Pearson’s spying on students on Social Media and how Colorado is trying to protect ‘student data privacy’ in Colorado — from groups like Pearson.

Today, we’re reminded by Truth In American Education that the bid-rigging lawsuit filed in New Mexico is still going on.

Truth In American Education reported:

The lawsuit that was filed in New Mexicoaccusing the state of bid-rigging when it chose Pearson as a test developer for PARCC still has life.

AP reports that it could halt PARCC in New Mexico:

A legal challenge by a Washington-based testing company may halt a controversial assessment exam in New Mexico that has sparked school walkouts and anger from parents and teachers.

A Santa Fe judge is scheduled to hear arguments Tuesday in an appeal by the American Institutes for Research. The company is fighting the state’s granting of a potentially multi-year contract for Common Core testing to Pearson.





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