All Around The Education Bush, The Monkey Chased The Weasel

This morning, I saw a tweet from BEST NC promoting an article at their PR Firm, EducationNC:

 Oh good three whole articles.   This first one is titled, The ongoing search for real common ground in education. I can summarize it for you:

I’m a far left liberal from Chapel Hill and I went to a Jeb Bush education summit where people actually talked to me a bit. Then they didn’t talk to me, but instead bashed Democrats. Then I got mad they used the word ‘reformer’ all the time and that I felt it didn’t include me somehow.  

Reading this passage has to wonder if irony or hypocrisy is something Meyer is acquainted with:

“In the end, I knew that the inability to find real common ground wasn’t so much about the conference itself. The conference just exposed the deeply partisan and philosophical divides in our education policy debates.”

Representative heal thy partisan self:  

This article started on the high road with a Kumbaya feel, then quickly became the low road filled with shaming. This three part series is a set-up to drive public opinion before Meyer drops his bill. It’s even telegraphed at the top of the article in an editors note; emphasis added:

Editor’s Note: Graig Meyer is on a quest this session to find common ground among legislators for the benefit of our students. After a three-part series this week about his own quest for common ground, he is going to blog for EdNC about a bill with potential for common ground as it winds its way through the legislative process. 

I am certain will look a lot like the BEST NC ‘2020 Vision Initiative’. After all, he was a member of the work groups who were involved. Get ready for more buzz words akin to ‘career and college ready’.

Rep. Meyer loves buzzwords and catch phrases – especially ‘equity’.  His Twitter timeline is littered with this stuff. Hey –  Remember the ‘school to prison pipeline‘?

Fun Facts About Rep. Graig Meyer

This is his second term in the NC General Assembly’s House of Representatives. He was a freshman last year and is a far left liberal.

Meyer’s idea of ‘school choice’ and ‘reform’ is to kill Opportunity Scholarships for low-income minority students.This is a total 180 from his ‘Blue Ribbon mentor’ activities to “efforts to fulfill the potential of low-income students of color”.

Graig Meyer’s bio on the EducationNC article says he is a ‘Educator and Social Worker’. He is a social worker. Meyer claims to have ‘worked for sixteen years in public schools’ under the Education issues section of his campaign site, but doesn’t say he was actually a teacher. Read his Campaign website Bio.

He formed the “Equity Collaborative LLC” in 2014, but his campaign site doesn’t tell you that date. I had to look it up. Documents at the NC Secretary of State shows a ‘Jamie Almanzan’ as a managing partner. Almanzan’s blog “The Equity Collaborative” apparently didn’t have its domain renewed. In the name of Equity, view Alamanzan’s cached front page and  cached bio.

Rep. Meyer is very concerned about his ‘whiteness‘.  He’s already filed a ‘racial profiling‘ bill this year.

Meyer is clueless on Common Core and dismissive of parents who oppose the standards.   I have witnessed this myself at the Common Core Legislative Research Commission meetings. After one meeting, he commented to the woman in front of me, who was trying to explain her problem with the standards, that ‘parents need to trust them (DPI) on what’s best sometimes’. 

Moral Monday true believer.





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