Progress NC Action Pushes Mystery Group Petition

Well, after months of asking who is behind the education protest group Aim Higher NC, we might have a hint. Progress NC Action is promoting this Aim Higher petition in an email.

No matter what the legislature or Governor does, the Left in NC is going to continue to use Education like a ramming shield. This includes Kay Hagan. I sense coordination of messaging here.

Here’s the email, note the political language in the push for new ‘representation’ in the last line below. *Note – Their action group is a C4.


Progress NC Action


Teaching is hard. Every year you’re given a new group of children, all from different backgrounds and possessing different skills. You’re forced to make due with old textbooks and classroom supplies you purchase with your own money. Class sizes keep getting larger and the standards by which you’re judged are constantly changing.

Given these challenges and the little respect and pay our teachers receive, it’s no wonder a record number left their jobs last year. We used to be a state that invested in public education. Now we’re falling to the bottom.Will you sign our petition and sign up and help defend against the attacks on public education?

Last week we sent a clear message to lawmakers in Raleigh when we delivered 61,000 signatures supporting higher teacher pay to the legislature.

We’re going to keep the pressure up during session, but too many politicians are just interested in getting through the next election. They haven’t shown us they’re serious about investing again in public education.

This is the same group that brought us to 46th in average teacher pay and passed give huge tax giveaways to profitable corporations and the wealthiest in our state.

That’s why we’ve launched the Aim Higher Now campaign, in partnership with educators from across our state. Our goal is to encourage real investment in public education – and to hold those accountable who continue to chip away at it.
Sign our petition and sign up to help us defend public education from attacks in Raleigh!Thank you for all you’ve done so far. There is too much at stake for our children and our state’s future to sit on the sidelines.

Thank you,

Gerrick Brenner
Executive Director, Progress NC Action

P.S. If you think it’s time for new representation in Raleigh, sign our petition today to help defend public education.

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