An NC Chamber Holds Common Core Propaganda Event – PT4 AUDIO

In the final installment of this series on the Common Core propaganda forum held by the Greater Raleigh Chamber of Commerce, we have audio from the meeting courtesy of Kim Fink of the Coastal Carolina Taxpayers  Association.  If you’re just tuning in, here is part one, two and three.

Mrs. Fink has been very engaged in the Common Core debate in North Carolina and the CCTA has been an invaluable resource on the issue. She and her husband were in attendance and have sent this audio to me. This audio supports all the previous installments in this series. I thank her for attending and for making this audio available to all who were unable to attend.

The audio is a little bit below the speaker list.  I’ve got some notes underneath it, please give them a look as some of them should raise red flags. Read up on the real facts before listening. Speakers list per the GRCC site is below. Muriel Summers was a no-show.

  • Elizabeth Schneider, senior vice president of strategic initiatives, Alliance for Excellent Education
  • Panel 1
    • Lt. Gov. Dan Forest
    • NC Sen. Josh Stein
    • Caroline McCullen, director of Education Initiatives, SAS Institute
    • Phil Kirk (moderator), director at Brady Energy Services, Chairman Emeritus, State Board of Education
  • Panel 2
    • Allison Reid, English teacher, Heritage High School (WCPSS Teacher of the Year 2014)
    • Shejuanna Rodgers, principal, Dillard Drive Middle
    • Muriel Summers, principal, A.B. Combs Leadership Magnet Elementary School
    • Drew Cooke (moderator), principal, Garner High School (WCPSS Principal of the Year, 2011)


Some notes:

13:40 mark
– Her comments on the Core really start.
13:44 – she presents the “internationally benchmarked” lie.
14:21 –
Launches into a song and dance about how kids weren’t reading good literature as much as they had been 10 years ago and the Common Core fixes that. That’s a crock. The Common Core has an increasing level of informational texts being used versus classic literature. It’s making that initial claim of hers worse.
18:40ish – Race To The Top. Listen carefully. Schneider almost says outright that the states were enticed by the grant to adopt the standards.

Lt. Governor Dan Forest
34:09 – 
Comments begin; has only 3 minutes as panel member. Brings up a reason CC has become such a hot topic is the lack of public forums and debate. YEP. NC had no chance to speak out other than the Common Core LRC. He also debunked the “what do we replace it with” fear mongering claim from the Pro-Core camp. Stresses Common Core does not serve STEM students; it’s not even close to near enough what our kids need.

NC State Senator Josh Stein (D)
38:31 –
 Comments begin; has only 3 minutes as panel member but went way over and no one stopped him. His testimony in a nutshell? A lot of debunked talking points and fear mongering.
39:00 –“…it is essential for our state and nation to have a well-educated workforce.” 39:42 – makes the claim NC turns out less college degree bearing students than any state in the nation. Gives no proof, cites no source. Bunch of propaganda talking points; ‘developed by experts’ etc.
40:48 – “teachers like them”. No, they don’t. They’re just afraid for their jobs to say so. He then quotes 78-80% reported liking CC. Doesn’t cite his source. I bet it’s the widely debunked Scholastic survey of 662 NC teachers out of 95k total.
41:29 – starts into a fear mongering tear about the bill to remove it and then incorrectly talks about the formation of the replacement commission. It’s clear, Senator Stein did not read the findings or the bill. Shame on him. Claims changing the standards is ‘jerking teachers around’ and will ‘add to their frustrations. Oh brother. Then he says it will waste tens of millions already spent. Hi, Senator Stein, let me introduce you to the estimated $642 million cost to taxpayers if we keep it.
43:00“Let’s not go back and play political games…” Well, he just did.

Caroline McCullen
43:06 – Comments begin; has only 3 minutes as panel member. Huge Common Core fan. She not only drank the Kool-aid, she makes vats of it to swim in.
43:54 – “standards are the floor, not the ceiling”. No, Common Core is a sub-basement. 44:30 – tries to make the case if you’re in the military, CC is the only way your kid will keep up. REALLY? How have they managed for the last 100 years? If I was there, I would have asked her why SAS’s Cary Academy doesn’t use Common Core if it’s so damn great.

47:32Questions for the first three speakers.  Lt. Governor Forest did his best but that was a stacked room. The first question off the bat from the moderator is ‘why has Common Core become so political?’. The short answer is that Common Core Proponents have made it so in order to dodge answering any real questions being asked.
1:11:43 – Someone asked about the standards being copyrighted and we are unable to change them.

Shejuanna Rodgers
– Comments begin.  ‘Common Core is rigorous and helps kids be better thinkers.’ This from the woman who opened her speech saying she hadn’t given any thought to what she was going to say. OK.  “Students are now learning how to think”. No, they’re being taught how to think a specific way. Rodgers said the standards were ‘lengthy’ with ‘a lot of words’, yet McCullen said they were shorter, fewer and clearer. Which is it ladies?

Allison Reid
 – Comments begin. Reminder, she’s the Wake Teacher of the Year with a person in her honors class who can only read at a second grade level.
1:37:30 –
She says she sees results already because “they are being taught a different way”. Now, wait a minute. CC is just standards, is she implying it’s a method of teaching?

At the end of the audio, an announcement by George York was made thanking the sponsors. Those sponsors were SAS, Biogen Idec, Duke Energy at the medical plaza at Rex and United Way of the Greater Triangle.

Representative Rosa Gill (D-33 Wake) was also in attendance. Gill sits on the Education committee, which will likely see HB1061/Sb812 pass through it. Keep that in mind if you are in her district.

Mention was also made that the Raleigh Chamber would now feature a Common Core Blog on their website.

York also noted Wake School Board members in attendance which were Christine Kushner,  Susan Evans and Bill Fletcher. Kushner is pro-core, Evans is pro-Core; they both need to be shown the door next cycle. So does Fletcher.  Fletcher, as you might recall, recently displayed how clueless he is about the flawed and experimental Common Core by calling them ‘curriculum’. In fact, the Wake Board in general has no concept of what this thing is going to do to budgets in North Carolina school districts and seem to be swallowing every pro-core talking point whole. Not really shocking considering they spend more time bickering about buses than anything else.


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5 Responses to An NC Chamber Holds Common Core Propaganda Event – PT4 AUDIO

  1. Unaffiliated Voter says:

    Call the Rawliegh Chamber of Commerce and register your disdain for the CofC trying to stuff Common Core down our throats…inform them THEY are part of the lieberal progressive agenda and WE the PEOPLE will NOT tolerate this activity from outsiders in OUR educational business…


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  4. kim fink says:

    I thought it was funny that they kept saying curriculum! I thought it was just standards! The thing Stein said that really angered me was his reference to us not liking CC because we don’t like Obama. I don’t recall that EVER entering my mind! It should be enough that CC is ILLEGAL based on 3 federal laws. No one seems to care!


    • It is disgusting, but what’s funny is he clearly has not read the president’s proposed education budget…

      Senator Stein, like his colleagues on the Far Left, likes to politicize everything. Now he’s politicizing our children. That’s rather disgusting.

      Reports I received said he didn’t answer any of the questions put to him, but instead sort of did the Jedi hand wave and recited talking points.


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