NC Chamber Holds Common Core Propaganda Forum – PT 1

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Yesterday in Raleigh, an NC Chamber (Update: See Part II) continued to wage war on the opponents to Common Core by holding a forum at Marbles Kids Museum. At this forum, speakers and guests included far Left leaning NC state Senator Stein, the Sr. VP of Strategic Initiatives for Alliance for Excellent Education, and a few teachers who made some rather unsettling claims about the Common Core. Several people from SAS were there, of course. Remember, SAS has a ton of money to gain from Common Core, yet their own Cary Academy doesn’t use it. Hypocrisy anyone?

Panel & Speakers:

Elizabeth Schneider, senior vice president of Strategic Initiatives, Alliance for Excellent Education

Panel 1:
NC Sen. Josh Stein
NC Sen. Jerry Tillman (invited)
Caroline McCullen, director of Education Initiatives, SAS Institute

Moderated by Phil Kirk, director at Brady Energy Services
Chairman Emeritus State Board of Education

Panel 2:
Allison Reid, English teacher, Heritage High School (WCPSS Teacher of the Year 2014)
Shejuanna Rodgers, principal, Dillard Drive Middle 
Muriel Summers, principal, Combs Leadership Magnet Elementary School

Moderated by Drew Cooke, principal at Garner High School

UPDATE: Apparently, Muriel Summers was a no-show. Interesting.

The keynote speaker, Ms. Schneider, from Alliance for Excellent Education, Inc.? Her company has received $12,502,880 in grant money from the Gates Foundation. Of that over $12 million, $6,676, 370 was for pushing Common Core. The Gates Foundation has spent over $3 billion on initiatives and companies to create and push Common Core. These folks at this meeting are ultimately about money, not kids.

We’ll get to a bit about Allison Reid later. Ms. Rodgers is a former Assistant Principal of the Year and Muriel Summers was on the handpicked panel of educators at the NCGA Common Core Study committee’s 2nd meeting. That second meeting was supposed to be opposition, but instead we got a sham panel likely pushed into place by Dr. Atkinson. Summer’s speech made the ears bleed of everyone in the room. In a word or two, it was one long love letter to Common Core and like the Core, unsupported by an evidence or facts. Scroll down to part 13 in this article for more.

The original docket of presenters included the COO from Achieve, Inc. – one of the creators of Common Core. The only opposition was our Lt. Governor, Dan Forest. Good for him for getting there and representing the will of the people.

Please note, this is part one of two on this event. I have more coming. 

Fun Fact: The US Chamber of Commerce held a forum on the same day and time. Coincidence? Nah. “Confronting the Myths: The Truth About Common Core” is the title. I laughed.

Senator Stein was sure to put in a politicizing word or two to the effect that anyone opposing the Common Core must be against the White House and the President. See how that works? He uses a false premise as fact and dodges answering any real questions of substance on the Common Core. Shutuppery! This is not Senator Stein’s first offense either – he’s pulled this stunt before. Ms. Pete spoke to him one on one where he basically gave her the Jedi hand wave when she questioned him.

Gee, look who followed me during their forum:

Due to the scheduling of this event smack in the middle of a school week and in the early morning, I was unable to attend. However friend and Common Core opponent, Felice Pete, was able to be there. She tweeted out some of the comments being put forth and I have presented them below.

Gene Arnold Common Core NCSPIN QuoteReminder: The NC Chamber is going whole hog on Common Core to the degree they are blackmailing legislators with the threat of making their campaign contributions ‘go cold’.




The Tweets:  

These next three should be considered ridiculous positions by the teachers who were there touting the Core. How in the world did NC ever manage without the Core before? How in the world did our graduation rates keep climbing and however did our kids get into college? Common Core is not a magic bullet — it’s a magic dud.

The second one is worse. Common Core made her (Allison Reid) a better teacher? Um, come again? Is she saying she was a crappy teacher before? Hang on, we’ve been told over and over the Core is just standards. How are line item standards making her a better teacher? Is she saying it’s a method of teaching now? A curriculum?? These Core people can’t keep their messaging straight.

Oh wait… THAT Allison Reid. Forgot, she’s Wake County Teacher of the Year.   So, by her logic, did Common Core make her Teacher of the Year? Good grief.  The message being sent here is one of fear mongering. If you take away my Common Core, I’ll go back to being a mediocre teacher! Really?  Is Common Core your fairy Godmother sending you to the prom with glass slippers on?

The third is worse. What kind of honors English class has someone with a second grade reading level in it? Either Ms. Reid is dramatizing or something is seriously wrong with the school she’s at. Then again, Common Core is designed to make everyone go the same speed regardless.

Apparently, until Common Core, Ms. Reid couldn’t teach Patrick Henry? Excuse me?

Here comes the math…

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  3. kim fink says:

    Murial Summers was not there, they didn’t mention why, she had any empty chair!


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  6. geek49203 says:

    Don’t worry. Like all other educational fads, this will be gone soon enough. The only questions are the cost and damage done before it dies.

    When did the US CoC become my enemy? Between Common Core and immigration, they are looking like the enemy to me!


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