NC Chamber Promotes 2014 Conference On Education

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On the NC Chamber of Commerce website, there is an announcement about the 2014 Conference on Education being held this August.  The big sponsor? Biogen Idec. The same Biogen Idec who was one of the companies who sponsored the Greater Raleigh Chamber’s Common Core propaganda forum last week.

The same Biogen Idec who is part of the NC Chamber’s “Hire Standards” campaign which seeks push Common Core at any cost and to mute parent opposition voices with their money and influence.

Biogen Idec is also tied to the NC Public Schools Forum. The same NC Public Schools Forum of which Board member Gene Arnold sit on.

Gene Arnold Common Core NCSPIN QuoteReminder:

According to Gene Arnold, “Big Biz” is blackmailing legislators over HB1061.


Biogen Idec also dropped $250k into Massachusetts and Durham, NC area schools to boost STEM learning. Punchline: Common Core utterly fails STEM students. In fact, the math portion of Common Core sets kids back 2 years.

Biogen Idec also dropped $25k to the Common Core pushing NC New Schools. NC News Schools, Inc. has received millions from the Gates Foundation to push Common Core.

If this was happening in any area other than education, the Left leaning media would be screaming about big business money corrupting the system. Their silence now is deafening.

By the way, the Greater Raleigh Chamber event was $30 bucks to attend and in the middle of the morning smack in the middle of a school week. That meant parents couldn’t get to it. This event by the NC Chamber? Well, if you’re a non-member then you need to have $175 bucks lying around in order to attend.

Details from the NC Chamber site are as follows:

When: Thursday, August 14, 2014 | 8:30 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.

Where: Sheraton Imperial Hotel and Conference Center | 4700 Emperor Drive, Durham

What: It’s 2030 > Who’s clocking in for work?
Education and talent supply are a key pillar in the North Carolina Chamber’s North Carolina Vision 2030 – A Plan for Accelerating Job Growth & Securing North Carolina’s Future. Preparing tomorrow’s workforce by building and sustaining strong education development systems that are effective, agile, accountable, and continually produce a competitive, world-class workforce is a top priority for the Chamber. That is why your state chamber is hosting its 6th annual Conference on Education where we have a collaborative, productive dialogue with maximum participation from the education and business communities in our state. This conference will engage business leaders in a discussion of the role they can play in ensuring the state’s students are well-prepared for the jobs of tomorrow.

In recognition of severe budget constraints brought on by the recession, we are providing an additional discount for educators and students. Please join us in shaping North Carolina’s future – one student at a time!

Educators may be eligible to earn continuing education credits for attending. Please check with your LEA for approval.

Agenda Topics to Include:

  • Certified Work Ready Communities
  • Common Core Standards
  • Business and Education Working Together: Solutions for North Carolina’s Workforce Needs
  • Education in Action – Success Stories

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  2. Unaffiliated Voter says:

    go to the biogenidec website and call them to ask WHY a co. like theirs is involved with
    common core in NC? make them UNwelcome here like I did…


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