An NC Chamber Holds Common Core Propaganda Event – PT 2

Earlier this morning, I published a lengthy article detailing the Common Core pushing NC Chamber’s recent forum.  Tweets from an attendee at the forum, as well as the line up of speakers prove what the event was about. It clearly was a Common Core event, yet the NC Chamber is deny it:


Oh, we’re playing semantics are we?  The Greater Raleigh Chamber played host.  I’ll play that game — the new title for this series is now “AN NC Chamber Holds Common Core Propaganda Event”.

So, are we to assume the Greater Raleigh Chamber is alone in pushing Common Core propaganda?  Heck no. Anyone who owns a TV or has done their homework knows the US Chamber and local state chambers have locked arms on Common Core. They want their complaint, minimum skilled workforce!

Reminder: The article I published this morning was part one, this is an impromptu part two. I have more coming.

As an update to the first article, where we had multiple educators, two with teacher or assistant principal of the year awards:  These awards are tied to praising Common Core.

But the Teachers of the Year have a dirty little Common Core secret. They are not exactly the non-partisan, objective teachers advocating for their profession to the public at large that they profess to be.

The Teacher of the Year program is actually a project of the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO), which authored the Common Core Standards and holds their copyright. The Common Core chooses the Teacher of the Year. In the interest of full disclosure shouldn’t these Teachers of the Year disclose that they were spawned from the Common Core each time they star in pro-Common Core commercials, write pro-Common Core op-eds, and lobby legislatures across the country in support of the Common Core? They never do.

The Common Core group, Achieve, is using the Teachers of the Year Program to sell Common Core to the rest of us nonbelievers and cite examples of the teachers’ support on their website. “Many current and former Teachers of the Year support the Common Core State Standards and are stepping forward to highlight that support,” they proclaim. They also use the Teachers of the Year to support their erroneous claims that a majority of teachers support the Common Core. – EAG news

Teacher of the year is a big scam with big dollars, advancement and politics embedded. Sad, because it really should be about celebrating the true rockstars of our classrooms.

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