Attention Bill Fletcher And Wake County School Board

Your objections to dropping the Common Core, use of the new ‘politicizing’ talking point and general inaccuracy of the standards being curriculum were noted and debunked.

Please show the citizens of Wake county were you have budgeted for the estimated $642 million in looming costs of keeping Common Core beyond the next two years, at which time the replacement by the commission would kick in?

Include in that budget, the costs for legal issues arising from the data collection and privacy.

Missouri Education Watchdog:

The National School Board Association (a private organization) has released a guide for local school boards to deal with data gathering and privacy issues the local boards have thrust upon them as part of the four assurances contained in the State Fiscal Stabilization Fund:

The State Fiscal Stabilization Fund (SFSF) program is a new one-time appropriation of $53.6 billion under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA). Of the amount appropriated, the U. S. Department of Education will award governors approximately $48.6 billion by formula under the SFSF program in exchange for a commitment to advance essential education reforms to benefit students from early learning through post-secondary education, including: college- and career- ready standards and high-quality, valid and reliable assessments for all students;development and use of pre-K through post-secondary and career data systems; increasing teacher effectiveness and ensuring an equitable distribution of qualified teachers; and turning around the lowest-performing schools.

Keep reading there’s more, including issues with Cloud Data.

MO Education Watchdog sums it up:

Read between the lines.  These mandates are going to cost school boards money.  Possibly a lot of money.  A Chief Privacy officer should be designated for all school districts to guard the data the governor agreed to provide and additional time will have to be spent in training staff on data gathering and privacy.  Note that school boards didn’t agree to assume this chore; it has been mandated to do it via the state fiscal stabilization fund agreement.  So much for your local school board members representing its local constituents.  It’s being advised what to do by  private national school board organization that is not protecting the local control of school boards.

The NSBA news release isn’t telling you everything that’s contained in the “Data in the Cloud” report.  According to Politico, data gathering and keeping the data private is described as “it’s a legal minefield”.  Won’t that mean more business for school lawyers or the necessity to hire lawyers whose specialty is data privacy law?



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