Wake Ed Board Member Fletcher Hijacks Common Core Standards

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At the News and Observer, behind the pay wall of course, is this article: Wake County school board committee backs keeping Common Core standards

In a nutshell, it says Wake County School Board wants to keep Common Core because it will be another shift in curriculum. 

“To change our curriculum again after three years just would be turmoil that we don’t need for our employees, our children or our state.” – Wake Board member Bill Fletcher.

Dear Mr. Fletcher, Common Core is a set of Standards not curriculum — or at least that has been THE major talking point coming out of supporters. Also, it’s clear Fletcher didn’t read the findings of the Common Core LRC or draft bill.  That draft bill implies that Common Core will be here for a minimum of two more years while the commission replaces it. That means Common Core will be here for FIVE years. Must be that Common Core math he’s using.

Fletcher went on to use the new line of attack put forth by the Common Core Supporters Cabal and locally by Rep. Cotham, Rep. Brandon and Sen. Parmon AND local media of “politicizing” the standards.

“I’m concerned the standards are being hijacked by politics when for the most part they are good.”  – Wake Board member Bill Fletcher.

The standards are good for ‘the most part’? So, therefore some of it is bad? Which parts?  Hijacked? By who exactly? I would refer Mr. Fletcher to the moms, dad, grandparents and other citizens who appeared at the Common Core committee meeting and spoke out about the Common Core. That was not ‘political hijacking’, that was a long series of very real concerns and valid complaints.

There is no hijacking going on here. This is the realization of a flawed set of standards and actually DOING something about it. If anyone is hijacking the standards, it’s those supporting it by attempting demonization of opposition or creating power blocks like the NC Superintendent’s Large District Consortium, of which Wake County is a member.

Shorter: Fletcher is complaining about political hijacking of the standards as he politically hijacks them.

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