Defacto Leader of NC Dems Gets Fast Food Workers Arrested

The defacto leader of the NC Democrats and Occupy Monday movement led a march on McDonald’s headquarters in Illinois, which resulted in the arrest of 38 SEIU union members and various clergy.


Excerpt from USA Today, emphasis added:

Some of those arrested were uniform-wearing McDonald’s employees who had come for the protest from 33 U.S. cities. Also arrested was Mary Kay Henry, president of the Service Employees International Union, according to the union. Police could not immediately confirm that. The union is the financial and logistical backer for Fast Food Forward, the group organizing the protests.

Workers and activists — who demand $15-per-hour pay and the right for fast-food workers to try to unionize without retaliation — say they have focused on McDonald’s because of its size and influence. “Workers are taking on the biggest, baddest, richest in the $200 billion fast-food industry,” says Kendall Fells, leader of Fast Food Forward. “If we can bring McDonald’s to the table, the road ahead will be a lot easier.”

The Rev. Dr. William Barber II, head of the NAACP’s North Carolina chapter, led the march onto the sprawling McDonald’s campus. “We can’t treat corporations like people, and people like things,” he said. “A living wage is a moral mandate, and it’s time for McDonald’s to pay fast-food workers their just due now.”

That’s straight-up occupy language there, Reverend Barber. This is why I choose to call Moral Monday ‘Occupy Monday’ instead. It’s part of Occupy 2.0, where unions have deployed a littering of raise the minimum wage groups like Fast Food Forward.  They’re doing this here in North Carolina as well, as I’ve previously documented.  See the related reading below.

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These groups in North Carolina tie right in to Occupy Monday and the proliferation of far Left groups attempting to portray their presence as larger than it really is. For a history, see my Primer on the Left in NC series:

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