CCSSO President Atkinson Starts Campaigning Early

NC State Superintendent and President of the CCSSO Dr. June Atkinson recently spent time speaking to the Carteret County Democrat party. Atkinson assaulted the current legislature for teacher pay while conveniently leaving out the role both she and former Governor Perdue played in freezing teacher pay in the first place.

 Despite having the highest graduation rate in the history of the state, North Carolina’s public education system needs support to survive the recent wave of changes enacted by the General Assembly, State Superintendent of Public Instruction June Atkinson said on Saturday to county Democrats.

“Our teachers should not have to take a vow of poverty to be able educate our students,” she told nearly 50 attendees of the March Carteret County Democratic Party meeting held at the Golden Corral on Arendell Street.

The state consistently fails to provide educators with the necessary salary to keep them teaching, she said.

“Vow of poverty”. That rhetoric is along the lines of  ‘schools of terror‘, no?

Atkinson also went on to slam vouchers as creating inequality. Tell that to Mrs. Perry, Dr. Atkinson.  Dr. Stoops nails the voucher issue on the head:

“Their objection to the voucher program has little to do with the low-income families that they claim to champion.  Rather, the goal is to protect a handful of entrenched and well-funded advocacy organizations that rightfully fear that educational choice will further loosen their grip on schooling in the state.” – John Locke Foundation

I said close to the same thing; that this vouched demonizing stinks of protectionism.

In a nutshell,  this was Atkinson out there stumping for herself. It was the laying down of a narrative to save her own job. Given the horrifying EOC scores, stealth implementation of the now hotly contested Common Core, Powerschool failures and the confusion DPI has created with regard to Sen. Berger’s Read to Achieve program — Atkinson should perhaps be looking to make her Presidency at the CCSSO a full-time gig.  Dr. Atkinson’s public relations, troubles with transparency and general Twitter skills could also use a lot of work. Related: NC DPI Responds to Lt. Governor Forest

The state fails to provide many employees with the necessary salary. Things are tough all over and at least the McCrory administration is trying with the current resources they have to help teachers, but how dare he? Right? Teachers have received a 1.2% increase as Atkinson admits in the article. Did other state employees see such a raise? Nope. Having said all that, the step increases in the teacher pay scale need to be unfrozen. Where that money will come from is a good question.

The budget is already strapped and the new Common Core costs haven’t even hit. By the way teachers, you need to be aware that these new costs for Common Core will land on either the taxpayer or be coming from places in the education budget being slashed and redirected. NC has no new Race To The Top Money and our current grant expires this year.  So what is that cost for Common Core? An estimated $642 million over the next 5-7 years. No where in that estimate is teacher compensation. The NCAE is supporting Common Core, so is DPI — when your raises don’t happen, you have THEM to thank for it.

By the way, most of DPI have received legislative increases (including those making 6 figure salaries) in the past couple of years and the size of non-instructional employees at DPI has grown exponentially. Anyone out there reporting on the educrat bloat or salary explosion at DPI? Nope.


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3 Responses to CCSSO President Atkinson Starts Campaigning Early

  1. Lynn says:

    You have found a convient scapegoat who just happens to be a Democrat. Are you really so partisan that you can’t direct criticism for common core and bad education policy to the Republicans that deserve it too? The objection to vouchers is that private schools are not being held to the same accountability standards while taking taxpayers money.


    • So we need an even beat down for you to be happy?

      Apparently you missed my criticisms of Jeb Bush.

      It’s not about a scapegoat. It’s about facts.
      She is serving TWO roles here. One of which is the president of one of the two bodies who created common core and hold the copyright on it. As NC superintendent, she then swept it into NC, while holding hands with Bev Perdue and the NC State Board of Ed. She’s fair game, sorry.

      The objection to vouchers is pure protectionism of the status quo. Private schools, in order to qualify for the program, have to pass a long list of qualifications to do so. Atkinson KNOWS that and goes out there and spews this junk because it fits the narrative.


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