Apex Town Council Race: The Two Women With Moral Monday Ties

Wake up Apex, you’re being invaded by two women who have participated in the Moral Monday mockery of NC voters.

Indy Week:

Let me draw your attention to one of them: the election for three Town Council seats in Apex. It’s a chance to work off your frustrations where crazy Republican obstructionists are concerned. Not much you can do right now about Pat McCrory or John Boehner. But do get excited about Apex, because:

  • Apex is the home of right-wing Republicanism in Wake County, starting with state Rep. Paul Stam, archenemy of public schools and women’s choice, and his longtime legislative aide, Apex Mayor Keith Weatherly.
  • The two Democrats running for council seats, Jennifer Ferrell and Nicole Dozier, are terrific thirtysomething moms with strong values and moxie. Apex High School teacher Denise Wilkie is unaffiliated; until this election, she was a registered Republican.
  • The three white Republican men running, if they win, would make six white men on the council, including Weatherly. Dozier, who is African-American, would be the first non-white member in memory.

Ah, the lovely biased, rhetoric packed reporting we’ve come to know and hate from ultra-liberal Indy week.  I’d give them credit for reporting on Dozier and Ferrell in detail, but they report on their arrests and affiliations with NC Justice Center like these are positives on a candidate’s resume. Indy didn’t bother linking to the evil former Republican candidate’s page, so I will: http://www.denisewilkie.com/

Reminder: NC Justice Center founded planned and helped fund Blueprint NC going back as far as 2007. Blueprint NC is the far left group that circulated a memo calling for the ‘evisceration’ of political opponents, in particular the Governor. (Read more: @WRAL Silent on Internal Link to BlueprintNC Attack Memo)

Moral Monday Arrestee: Jennifer Ferrell 

Ferrell waved to her kids as she was arrested… at Moral Monday. Leftist Mother of the Year candidate?

“They were outside with my husband, Chris, the time I was arrested,” Ferrell says. “They waved to me. They didn’t know Mommy was going to jail.”

Yes, that’s right. She and her husband took their 4 year-old twins to that loud, ugly mess. They didn’t know mommy was going to jail? Well, they are FOUR and probably were pretty confused as to what the heck was going on there anyway. If you’re unfamiliar with the new tone and civility pouring out of Moral Monday, catch up by reading my archives.

Ferrell was arrested on June 3rd. Quick reminder – no one is arrested at these things spontaneously, they volunteer. Ferrell’s statements to the N&O should give one pause; parroting another activist spouting talking points about education and not the truth of the matter.

Read more about the June 3rd Moral Monday:

Indy week reported that Ferrell plead not guilty instead of taking the deal offered by the courts which would have saved the taxpayers the cost of her trial.  Don’t worry though, she’s a “moderate”:

“I’m very moderate,” she says. “[But] the more the Republicans do what they’re doing, the more I push back.” – IndyWeek

Moderate. Riiight. She’s also involved with “moderate” groups like Public Schools First NC and Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense.

Public Schools First NC is run by Yevonne Brannon, but you’d never know that from their “About” Page. It is also affiliated with NC Justice Center. You need to look up who registered the domain. Brannon runs WakeUp Wake County — a beloved pet project of NC Justice Center. Wake Up Wake County also is known as Great Schools in Wake coalition.  (Fun fact: On the board of Wake Up Wake County is Greg Flynn, the man who doxed me (published my personal information online) at the behest of the “Democrat recruiting group” that call themselves the NCBlondes.)

Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense is another splendid gathering of women obsessed with turning America into one big gun free zone.  It’s a self-professed version of Mothers Against Drunk Drivers. (Fun Fact: One of my NCBlondes Doxing Stalkers is also a member of the Triad Moms Demand Action. Related: Doxing #NCPOL ‘Dem Recruiters’ Roll Out Troll #Branding)

Read more about Ferrell’s statement for her candidacy on her LinkedIn page.

NC Justice Center Employee: Nicole Dozier

She works for NC Justice Center and is also tied to Moral Monday as an ‘inside agitator”. See for yourself as her speech at Moral Monday embodies the Blueprint NC attack memo:

It’s all the fault of the NC General Assembly and Pat McCroy.  It has nothing to do with the agenda of NC Justice Center’s Health Access Coalition and their union driven mission to keep Medicaid from being privatized. Her websites “top 4” concerns certainly are the cushy, safe opposite of her rhetoric in the video from Moral Monday.

“I’m telling people, this is not a partisan election,” Dozier says. “As a working mother, I’ve learned that the key to success is balance.” She adds, “Listening to all voices yields better decisions for the town we call home.” – IndyWeek

Balance? Like pretending to be non-partisan when you work for what is arguably one of the most partisan political groups in the state? Listening to all voices? Like the ones in the Moral Monday echo chamber?

Interesting to note that both Farrell and Dozier are now touting their motherhood like a badge of honor, when just a year ago progressives like them were slamming stay at home moms.  So, from what we’ve read here, we see these two women wearing this well-rounded, ‘moderate’ stay at home mom face as a candidate and their progressive/occupy style tantrum throwing face behind the scenes.  So what will they do if elected? Smile and make nice on the council while pushing their progressive agendas behind the scenes? Apex might get to find out unless voters get informed.

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