A #ShutUppery Files Update

I noted Stacy McCain’s article yesterday, The #Shutuppery Files: ‘Twitter Gulag’ #StopRush Crew Joined Team Kimberlin. The main screenshot is of Melissa In DC  @SubcultureStuff and thought I’d add an update relevant to that set of tweets:

Blonde Dum Dums - Doxxing - NC Blondes



Edit – Nitpick: It’s Sarah Connor. Not Conner.

Meanwhile, in North Carolina, the #ShutUppery continues, however it’s not fairing very well.  Greg Flynn and defender John Burns have been silent.

Not so much silence from the “NCBlondes.” Last week Jeanne Bonds went on the Pete Kaliner show and was confronted with her online messaging and branding failures.

Jeanne Bonds - Blonde Dum Dums  - NC Blondes

While on the show, she unceremoniously threw her ‘Democrat recruiting’ group (led by anonymously run Twitter account @MovingNCForward) under the bus and sprinted away from being tied to them like an Olympic champion.

Apparently, doxing stay at home mom’s didn’t add to her brand. No worries, Bonds and her crew have created a new Twitter account to take up the mantle: @NCblondes.  Don’t worry, no names of who runs that one either.

I don’t expect their ‘blog’ which has next to nothing on it to ever publish who is affiliated with their group. Why should they live by their own rules? Democrats have one set of rules for the rest of us and another set for themselves.  For a group who vehemently went after yours truly for being anonymous, they certainly don’t mind their own incredible hypocrisy. Like Pete Kaliner says, lack of #SelfAwareness.

You can read more about their latest incarnation, @NCBlondes, here: New Account, Same Game #NCPOL #NCGA  Related: NCBlondes – A Case Study in Dox Branding

Sister Toldjah also has an update on how even a tweet of praise is turned into a hate slam by these people:  Unhinged #NCPOL liberal “#NCGA candidate recruiter” group continues doxing conservatives

NC Blondes - Blonde Dum Dums

By the way, @MovingNCForward is still leading the #NCBlondes war on women branding effort.  No one ever accused MovingNCForward of being too swift. They walked right into that one:

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