Six One Seven Scrubs All Accounts Of ‘Grandpa’ Common Core Video

“This video is no longer available because the uploader has closed their YouTube account.”

Well, that was fast.

Missouri Education Watchdog reported that the ‘media’ group, Six One Seven, scrubbed all of their social media accounts and their website of their Common Core video which portrayed an elderly vet in a disgustingly demeaning manner in a vain attempt to boost the image of the standards.

TOO LATE.  “Pop-Pop” is immortalized now. Screenshots are forever.

Grandad Learns About CC Meme

Read about that video here, but bear in mind that Six One Seven has yanked the video and alas, I didn’t download it:  Don’t Like Common Core? You Must Be A Cranky Elderly Veteran…Or Something.

Update: Someone downloaded it and it lives again here, but it was pulled again. So I’ve got a copy here.

While I didn’t download the video, I did save Six One Seven’s Tweet:

In the Missouri Education Watchdog report, credit goes to the Stop Common Core folks out in California for spotting that Six One Seven isn’t just your run of the mill film group. Missouri Education Watchdog has the comments by Sandra Smith on the YouTube video captured. Note the groups Six One Seven works with – EngageNY, CCSSO and Microsoft:


  • Sandra M Smith

    September 15, 2014 at 3:08 pm

    This video has been deleted, due to our diligent work finding out who paid for it. Members in CA Against Common Core on FB did some research and found that a company called “Six One Seven Studios” produced the video. They lied when the YouTube account said it was “just a couple of guys”. Six One Seven Studios also works with PCG Education, . PCG is business partners with EngageNY, CCSSO, Microsoft, the list goes on. This was a dirty rotten trick. Surely, they will be more careful next time.

And surely, we will be watching.

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