Occupy NatGat 2013 – Kalamazoo Day Two

Yesterday I noted the kick off of NatGat 2013. Today, one of the two news outlets I found in Kalamazoo ran some photos and a feature video of one of the protesters. Michigan Live has a photo gallery with about 25 photos in it. Also, check out Occupy activists take over Kalamazoo park for national gathering | Michigan Radio.

Just a sample:

Photo Credit to Michigan Live

If you scroll down the article, past the photo gallery, you’ll see an interview with one Nadine Hays. She discusses how she ‘accidentally’ got involved with Occupy while strolling by one of the encampments being set up in Los Angeles. She goes on to say what touched her the most was “the love .. of the people.. for each other.”

Nadine knows all about love. Love of  throwing applesauce at the TSA.


Come on..Who hasn’t wanted to chuck food at the TSA?  Ms. Hayes has her own YouTube Channel that you can browse at your leisure.  One that isn’t on her channel is an interview with Ms. Hayes about running for President (NSFW language):

Mmmhmm. Yeah. Ok.

Slightly funny seeing  a self-proclaimed “Anarchist, Atheist, Asshole” dubs her a ‘Tea Party Occupier’ after listening to some of his questions.  You can see more of Cantwell on YouTube at “FreedomFighter631“.

NatGat2013 On Twitter

NatGat2013 has a Twitter account for more updates. One item plucked from their feed was that of a live stream, which covered Ceremonial dancing yesterday apparently:

And of course, we had a call for drums:

Watch the ‘NatGat 2013 “teaser’ trailer:

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