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Occupy Monday Spreads Again – Chicago

Occupy Monday has shown up in Chicago. Not surprising, since it’s already been there before. Remember the Moral Monday Coalition?
This time, it’s not about budgets but has a connection to the Enloe/Wake County Schools lawsuit brought by various members of BlueprintNC’s ‘slam, cripple and eviscerate’ coalition and NC HEAT. For this group in Chicago, it’s about the “school to prison pipeline” and that school discipline is racist. Continue reading

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Like a Rash… Moral Monday Spreading

First, an obligatory I told you so.

From the Atlanta Progressive News, emphasis added:

(APN) ATLANTA — Since August 19, 2013, a “Moral Monday” movement has been building in Georgia to take back our State government from the interests of corporations and wealthy people. The Moral Monday Georgia Coalition, which includes people of faith and citizens of Georgia, has been meeting every two weeks to plan for progressive actions during the 2014 Legislative Session. Continue reading

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Occupy 2.0: Chicago ALEC Protests Have Moral Monday Ties

In Chicago, a smaller ALEC protest at the Palmer House Hilton that took place on the 5th was ramped up into a full-on Occupy style event on the 8th. Both sets of protests ended with a handful of arrests, but the more recent event that took place on the 8th included scuffles with police.

These protests have ties to Raleigh’s Moral Monday and Democrat activists in the area. Continue reading

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Occupy Reincarnate: Moral Monday Coalition

While covering the Mountain Moral Monday story this week, some tweets using the hashtag #MoralMondays caught my eye. At first, it looked like they were part of the event I was covering, but when I tweeted a question about it I soon discovered these people were not in Asheville. They were in Chicago at the Palmer House Hilton being arrested for protesting an upcoming ALEC conference.

What I found out about one of the protesters arrested at this new version of Moral Monday tracked right back to North Carolina…. Keep reading… Continue reading

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