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Edwards Madam Story Still Missing In Triangle

I reported yesterday that local media were not reporting on the Edwards Madam/Prostitution ring story. The two outlets in question here are WRAL (NBC 17) and ABC11. As I wrote yesterday, WRAL was the only one of the two to reply.

I’ve checked their feeds and sites today — still nothing despite it being carried by ABC’s national parent site. Although, it’s worth noting the story was buried there. Media Malpractice, I believe, is what Rush Limbaugh calls this. Continue reading

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NC Legislature Overrides Perdue Veto – Again.

The NC Teachers (and state employees) are not allowed to Unionize, but that hasn’t stopped the SEIU from trying to move in and influence policy here in NC. NCAE (North Carolina Association of Educators) is pretty much the Teachers union in NC. They love Perdue and have dumped a lot of money bombs on her. Continue reading

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Bev ‘Veto’ Perdue Breaking The Law – Again.

Well, Well — our Lady of Suspended Elections has been caught illegally receiving confidential employment data before its official release date. Following in our mentor’s footsteps, are we? Continue reading

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