NC Legislature Overrides Perdue Veto – Again.

The NC Teachers (and state employees) are not allowed to Unionize, but that hasn’t stopped the SEIU from trying to move in and influence policy here in NC.

NC Legislature Overrides Union-Like Dues Deductions

NCAE (North Carolina Association of Educators) is pretty much the Teachers union in NC. They love Perdue and have dumped a lot of money bombs on her.

Membership requires paying dues. The NCAE wanted to make it possible for NCAE to deduct those membership dues straight from the teacher paycheck. The dues pay for lobbyists and PACs.  Sound familiar?

ABC 11:

The 69-45 vote removes the block Perdue put on the bill nearly six months ago. The dues are a key revenue stream for the 70,000-member North Carolina Association of Educators’ activities, including its political and lobbying advocacy.

This bill that was overridden is one giant Union billboard and Perdue was determined to see it rammed down all of our throats. From Real Clear Politics:

The Legislature early Thursday overrode Gov. Beverly Perdue’s veto of a bill that eliminates the ability of North Carolina’s largest teachers’ group to have dues deducted directly from teacher paychecks, giving Republicans a victory over an organization historically aligned with Democrats.

The House barely got enough votes to cancel the governor’s veto, thanks to the absences of several Democratic members, the return of two Republicans and GOP parliamentary maneuvers that ultimately led to a vote shortly after 1 a.m. The Senate already got the three-fifths majority necessary for a successful override back in July, but the House didn’t have the votes at that time.

The override removes the block Perdue put on the bill nearly six months ago that stripped the 70,000-member North Carolina Association of Educators of the ability to have voluntary membership dues deducted directly from paychecks. The revenue stream is a key element of the association’s activities, including its political and lobbying advocacy.

Of course, the Democrats are crying in their milk about it and threatening legal action to stop it.

Perhaps if their missing representatives had shown up to vote, the override might not have happened. Forty-Seven (the vote was 69-45, but 2 Dems voted to override) of the Democrats where there, how come the rest weren’t? What is it with Democrats skipping out during a vote anyway?

Did the Democrats really think that just because Perdue wanted only one veto item to be voted on that the GOP would just say ‘Sure thing ma’am’ and call it a night?  Hell. No. 

The GOP is taking a page out of your own playbook.  This should be a walk up call to Dems in NC — you snooze, you lose.

Liberal media in town also shows it’s bias – check out the headline at

House overrides NCAE bill veto in unprecedented midnight session

Raleigh, N.C. — In an unprecedented move early Thursday, the North Carolina General Assembly voted to hold a special legislative session after midnight for veto overrides, prompting a sharp rebuke from Democratic Gov. Bev Perdue.

Perdue said the Republican-controlled legislature’s actions were unconstitutional.

The House voted 69-45 to override the governor’s veto of Senate Bill 727, which stops the North Carolina Association of Educators from collecting dues from teachers’ paychecks via payroll deduction.

The Senate has already overridden the NCAE bill veto, so it now becomes law. NCAE Spokesman Brian Lewis, however, said the group plans to challenge the law in court.

The session was scheduled for 12:45 a.m., seemingly to bypass constitutional limits barring lawmakers from taking up anything other than Senate Bill 9 in Wednesday’s legislative session.

In a statement, Perdue blasted Republican lawmakers, saying they violated the North Carolina Constitution by considering matters other than her veto of Senate Bill 9, which would have gutted key sections of the Racial Justice Act

Newsflash to Perdue: NC is a right to work state. Unions will not be tolerated by the taxpayers here, regardless of the amount of money NCAE and SEANC throws at you.

Interesting side note about Unions in NC:

The State Employees Association of North Carolina is supposed to be the overall state employees advocacy group that is not officially a union, but they act like one in many aspects. Check out their page here.

The main page seems to be all SEANC, but to anyone really paying attention, look at your tab that is open for that page in your browser — notice it says, “SEANC, SEIU LOCAL 2008”.

For more fun, click on their legislative priorities under Legislative affairs. The number one made me gag.

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