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Pearson Is Everwhere: NJ’s $108 Million Contract

Welcome back to Pearson Is Everywhere!

Last time we looked at Pearson’s methods of silencing opposition. Today we’re looking at their $108 million dollar contract in New Jersey associated with the PARCC tests. Continue reading

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The Common Core Weekend Reads – 1-11-15

These are the Common Core Weekend Reads for January 11th, 2015. This is a review of the past week of news on Common Core nationwide and in North Carolina. Articles are organized by category. Prior Edition of Weekend Reads: 1-4-15   NC … Continue reading

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Common Core Aligned: iTunes Apps

“…to create just these kinds of tests—next-generation assessments aligned to the common core. When the tests are aligned to the common standards, the curriculum will line up as well—and that will unleash powerful market forces in the service of better teaching.” – Bill Gates, 2009 Speech To Natl. Conference of State Legislatures

The goal is to align everything so that students and the money have nowhere to go but Common Core.

Everyone and their brother is cashing in on online learning. There’s good and bad with that. That includes those rushing to get in on apps and courses for the fundamentally flawed and experimental Common Core.

At Apple’s iTunes, there are 23 “free” Common Core courses: “Your lessons. Your materials. Together on iPad.”

More of the ‘personalized learning’ theme that has been attempted to be promulgated by Common Core advocates.

Of course, these course are tied to PARCC, which multiple states have dumped:

KEEP READING – HIT THE TIP JAR! Continue reading

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Required Reading For The NC Common Core Replacement Commission

Over at the Pioneer Institute, Jim Stergios has a must read for the Common Core replacement commission. In fact, this is a must read for the legislators at the North Carolina General Assembly, who will be hearing from parents if the Commission is used for ‘show’ by those attempting to force a rebrand scenario.
The article addresses the false hand-wringing we saw over Race To The Top money, the unfunded mandate Common Core places onto the states and the unpredictability of future costs.

Some other main points the article draws, but pointing to Ohio and how they appear to be getting repeal done ‘right’: Continue reading

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PARCC Chief: “This is not a testing agenda; it’s a equity agenda.”

PARCC Chief Laura Slover’s rhetoric at the Colorado Association of School Executive’s Same Speed CCannual summer meeting was stunning.

First, she believes these tests as ‘beautiful tools’ then she goes on an tear about equity and then says they are ‘game changers’. I think Ms. Slover needs a reality check. This is a very unpopular standardized test. Statements like these are not image improvers.

Excerpt from Chalkbeat with emphasis added: Continue reading

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Chris Christie Issues Executive Order On PARCC Assessments

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has issued an executive order related to Common Core that will institute a study committee much like the process North Carolina just went through. The difference being that this commission seems to be focusing only on the Partnership for Assessment of Readiness of College and Careers (PARCC) assessments.

Given the outcry on Common Core nationwide, Christie’s move not to examine the standards themselves might be seen as support of the standards. We’ll see how that plays out for him.


From the New Jersey State Governor’s Site: Continue reading

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Common Core Aligned: WorkKeys

Common Core is not ‘just a set of standards’. That statement is one of the bigger lies perpetrated by the supporters of the Core. The ultimate goal is to align everything from materials to books, apps to tests and yes, the means of entry into the workforce.
Common Core, arguably, is lends itself to reinforcing the ‘cradle to grave’ tracking and funneling of your child and their potential. As I was thinking about writing this article, I couldn’t help but make a comparison of what is happening with this kind of tracking and a book I’ve recently read, Divergent. Kids are placed in one of five given classes of society based on what a test tells them is their best match. If your text doesn’t given conclusive results, you’re considered Divergent.


Are our children currently being funneled into one career or another based on often poorly designed tests? We have multiple tests for kids across multiple grades, multiple entry tests for colleges as well. How long until it’s pared down to just a few tests? Tests aimed at becoming some kind of workforce sorting mechanism are not a thing of the future. They’re here now. Those of us standing up and pointing it out? Are we Divergent?


The following article is going to get a bit involved. There is an article I am going to refer back to. It is essential one reads and comprehends this article before reading what I have to add to it. Please read Missouri Education Watchdog’s Public Education as Workforce Training. Is WorkKeys in Your State. Continue reading

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