Jeb Quits Saying ‘Common Core’. Hopes Parents Forget?

Pepperidge Farm Remembers Jeb BushJeb Bush and his Foundation for Excellence in Education have been one of the loudest proponents on Common Core.

Now Bush is running for president, headed to Iowa soon and he’s going silent on Common Core.  Hoping voters forget? Not gonna happen.

Bush made statements about the testing and about opposing Federal involvement. This is pure double-speak.

SBAC and PARCC are the Common Core tests and they are indeed assessments done ‘in a certain way’ as chosen and directed by the U.S. Department of Education.

TIME: Jeb’s education talk omits the words ‘Common Core’

“I am for higher standards,” Bush said, declining to utter the politically charged phrase himself, but dispelling some of the more outlandish misconceptions about the program. “I am for creating real restrictions on the federal government’s role in this so you can alleviate people’s fears that you’re going to have some kind of control by the federal government of content, of curriculum, or even standards. I’m against all that.”

“I’m against the federal government being involved in demanding that assessments are done in a certain way,” he added.

Politico: Jeb Bush: Not Running From Common Core, But Not Saying It Either

Is he trying to reframe the discussion about the term, Bush was asked by a reporter?

“No,” he responded after an educational summit headlined by the former governor headlined here.

“I’ll talk about it,” Bush said. “What do you want to know about it?”

Was he toning down his rhetoric, considering how anathema Common Core is to some conservatives in Iowa, an early vote state?

“I’m for higher standards. And I’m for creating real restrictions of the federal government’s role in this,” Bush said.


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