Seattle Mayor Murray Boycotting NC over HB2 now Accused of Repeated Rape of Teen Boys

Seattle’s Mayor Murray likes to stick his nose into other state’s business.

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In March 2016, Mayor Ed Murray issued a travel ban on North Carolina in the name of ‘equality’ and he has continued to make disparaging remarks about the state ever since.

Murray also likes sticking his nose into national and Presidential business.

Murray believes that sanctuary cities are Constitutional and his city is suing the Trump administration, according to a CBS interview conducted in late March.

In that interview, he dodged answering Major Garrett’s question if Seattle was a sanctuary city by saying that, “we use the term ‘welcoming city’.”

Since the recent repeal of North Carolina’ HB2, Murray’s position is unchanged and he has lashed out at North Carolina and the NCAA on Twitter, using similar language and narratives as LGBT groups like the Human Rights Campaign and Equality NC.

Murray’s travel ban does not appear to have had any measurable impact on the state whatsoever, but it’s worth noting something is having an impact on Murray himself. Someone is sticking their nose in his business, for once.

The Mayor boycotting NC for HB2 and the repeal of HB2 is accused of raping not one, but three boys back in the 1980’s.

Daily Mail:

The Mayor of Seattle has been accused of repeatedly raping teenage boys who were addicted to crack cocaine and paying them $10 a time.

Ed Murray, 61, reportedly ‘raped and molested’ a 15-year-old boy for up to five years after they met on a city bus in 1986, according to a lawsuit filed on Thursday.


A 46-year-old man, identified by the initials D.H, said Murray ‘raped and molested him’ over several years, according to the lawsuit filed in King County Superior Court.

He claimed the abuse began when he was 15 and addicted to crack cocaine, and Murray was in his early 30s.


Simpson, 49, said Murray – who he had thought of as a father – raped him over several years, starting at age 13, and in later years, paid him.

Two other men, Jeff Simpson and Lloyd Anderson, have stated Murray raped them both when they were young teenagers.  This new accuser, “D.H.” is has filed a lawsuit against the Mayor.

Murray’s lawyer denies the charges and calls them ‘politically motivated‘ due to the fact that the mayor is currently running for re-election.

HB2 was only necessary after the Charlotte Ordinance emerged. That ordinance was spearheaded by an LGBT activist named Chad Sevearance.

As it turned out, Sevearance is a registered sex offender. According to the NC SBI, Sevearance’s registration was the results of being convicted in another state, yet he was apparently charged in 2000 while living in Bessemer City, NC, for “three counts of lewd acts with a minor.”

Local media outlet, the Charlotte Observer, did not report on his status until he was exposed by national media outlets.

The Charlotte Observer ignored reporting on his status and continued to regularly use Sevearance for quotes.  Similarly, the Seattle Times admits they didn’t report on the original accusations against Murray, but now they are as a lawsuit has been filed.

Chad Sevearance told media he thought his sex offender conviction was a distraction from the real issue — of having bathrooms wide open for sex offenders to take advantage of:

“If this had anything to do with the non-discrimination ordinance, and if it had any credence or validity with what we’re discussing as a city and as an LGBT community, then I would absolutely welcome the interrogation, but I think that it detracts from the real conversations we’re having.”

Sevearance resigned from his post at the Charlotte LGBT Chamber of Commerce not long after national media exposed his status.

A.P. Dillon contributed to this staff report.

This article first appeared at American Lens News on April 18, 2017.

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