Seattle Mayor Ed Murray Gets 4th Accuser

As previously reported by American Lens last month, the Seattle Mayor known for boycotting NC over HB2 was accused of raping not one, but three boys back in the 1980’s.

A 4th accuser has come forward this week and has filed suit against Mayor Ed Murray. The 4th accuser claims Murray paid him for sex when the accuser was a teen.

Seattle Times reported:

The new accuser, 44-year-old Maurice Jones, said in a sworn court declaration he was introduced to Murray by Delvonn Heckard, the Kent man who filed last month’s lawsuit claiming Murray sexually abused him as a teenager in the 1980s.
Jones’ declaration, filed in King County Superior Court, was brief, saying he had been to Murray’s Capitol Hill apartment at an unspecified time and that Murray “gave me money for sex.”
Julie Kays, one of Heckard’s attorneys, said Wednesday that Jones was in his midteens at the time. “He recalls at least two instances when, as a teenager, Murray paid (him) for sex. Once at Murray’s apartment and once in a car,” she said.
Jones’ declaration added he was “not part of any right-wing conspiracy” and that he is gay” a reference to Murray’s argument that accusations against him by Heckard and two other men are politically motivated.

The Seattle Times also reported that Jones has a criminal record and that Hones has been, “held on drug charges since late March in lieu of $15,000 bail.”

Murray, via spokesman Jeff Reading, denied the claims, calling them a “sensational media stunt.” Reading’s statement in part read:

“As we’ve seen repeatedly from opposing counsel, this filing fits firmly into the category of sensational media stunt. Mayor Murray does not know this person. This is an ambush copycat false accusation that is being made without any details, evidence, timeline or anything at all to substantiate its veracity. Mayor Murray has never had inappropriate relations with any minor, and Mayor Murray has never paid for sex.”

The Seattle Mayor’s travel ban to North Carolina is still in place.

Murray is the 53rd Seattle Mayor and has been in the position only since 2014.

According to, Murray is the most progressive mayor in the country and he’s also gay.

Ed Murray

Upon entering into politics himself, Murray adopted the phrase, “a Democrat who happens to be gay.” This was a phrase used by the first openly gay state legislator in Washington’s history – Cal Anderson.

Prior to becoming the Seattle Mayor, he served in both the House and the Senate in Washington state.

One of his last bills in the House was an assault weapons ban bill (SB 5737).

That ban, as written, would have given police the right to conduct warrantless searches of the homes of owners of certain weapons once per year. Should an owner refuse, a punishment of up to one year in jail would have been imposed.

This article first appeared at American Lens News on May 5, 2017.

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