WaPo Cites D.C. Graduation Rate at 76%, But There is a Problem.

In an article at The Washington Post, the District of Columbia graduation rate was reported at 79%. However, there is a big ‘but’ that comes along with that number as 1% met math standards and 4% met reading standards.


“At H.D. Woodson High School, for example, 76 percent of its students graduated on time, yet just 1 percent met math standards on national standardized tests linked to the Common Core academic standards. Just 4 percent met reading standards.”

“Vast gaps in graduation rates persist between white and minority students, with 67 percent of black students graduating on time, compared with 93 percent of white students. Black males, in particular, have some of the lowest graduation rates in the school system; 60 percent graduated on time in the Class of 2016.”

The District of Columbia uses the Common Core Standards. This is Common Core’s 5th year in North Carolina schools.

This website has looked at the North Carolina graduation rates on a few occasions, noting that the currently reported 85.8% rate isn’t accurate when one examines the grade level and career and college ready proficiency scores.

Here’s a recap:

According to the data for 2015-16, the number of NC students scoring a 4 and 5 for English II was only 50%.

Black students had a proficiency rate of 31.1% and Hispanic students had a rate of  38.9%.

Over 40% of NC students were not at grade level proficiency for English II.

Turning to math, only 48.6% of NC students in the Math I category were considered ‘career and college ready’.

The grade level proficiency results for Math I was only .2% higher than that of English II, coming in at 59.8%.

Only 26.3% of Black students and 37.1% of Hispanic students were considered ‘career and college ready’ in Math I.

The rate for ‘career and college readiness’ for Black students increased 1.5% from the previous year;s 24.8%. The rate for Hispanic students from last year’s rate of 35.9% by just 1.2%.

The percentage of Black students considered grade level proficient was reported at 38.1% . Hispanic students came in at 49.7%.

The previous year, Black students had a proficiency rate of 38.5%. Compared with this year’s results, that’s only a .4% increase. Hispanic students the previous year had a proficiency rate of 50.1%. Compared with the current results, that’s a decrease of .4%.

So again, the question is asked: How are we graduating at a reported rate of nearly 86% with proficiency rates in English II of 50% and 48.6% for Math I?

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