NC Media Memory Holes Critical Hagan Story

Charlotte Observer memory holed a story about a legal review involving Kay Hagan and the evolving stimulus scandal that surrounds her family.  The Charlotte Observer put up a story citing a WBTV report that was rather damning in the opening paragraphs.

Phil Kerpen nailed it:


Well, this blatant media bias and journalistic malpractice won’t stand.

Go read the story via this cache link.  I copied the entire story into a word document for safe keeping. Pathetic that I had to do that using a cache link.
Update: Cache link doesn’t work now either.  
Update: View the pulled Hagan story here.
Update: Carolina Journal has the DENR report.

The opening paragraphs  alone speak volumes; emphasis added:

State officials say a stimulus grant given to a company run by Kay Hagan’s husband needs “further legal review.”

WBTV obtained a memo written by the Department of Energy and Natural Resources which includes a letter to the state’s auditor from last month.

The memo states that NCDENR is looking into potential conflict of interest claims involving Senator Kay Hagan.

NCDENR says they have reviewed grant records and found conflict of issue claims warranted further legal review. Kay Hagan’s husband manages one of the companies in question, who received an energy efficiency grant money in 2010.


By the way, the sister paper to Charlotte Observer that operates in Raleigh? The News and Observer? They’ve been doing their own bit of journalistic malpractice with their selective editing of a Kay Hagan rally video.

The News and Observer inserted still frames where DREAMERS literally upstaged Hagan in protests and were holding signs that said ‘Friends don’t deport friends’. Hit the bottom updates of this article for the first edited video that N&O pulled.

It was Banana Republic propaganda style editing.

What’s worse, is the New and Observer edited the footage not once but twice.

The News and Observer knows best what you should see, citizen. 

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