Yet ANOTHER Clueless Common Core Op-Ed From The Editorial Board – #NCed #StopCommonCore

The Editorial Board of News and Observer’s sister paper, Charlotte Observer,  has apparently never heard of stopping digging when you’re already in a hole.

Another completely clueless ‘Common Core’ Editorial from the editorial board.

Their latest: The Bittersweet Legacy of The Common Core


Faceplam StupidDear lord, stop it. The entire thing has tasted like the wrong end of a skunk from day one.

Seriously — Please, stop. You are all seriously embarrassing yourselves at this point.

Just the story ‘highlights’ are mock-worthy.

“Massachusetts joins more than 15 states that have left the effort”
No. They still have Common Core. They just dropped the PARCC test and replaced it with a rebranded version.

“N.C. should at least rebrand it with equal vigor”
Yes, let’s just rebrand this steaming pile of junk. That will make it alright.

This one had me laughing until I cried:

“The trouble began, of course, when Republicans fooled people into thinking the Common Core was Obamacare for education, when in fact the concept was conceived and developed by state educators.”

Do some research, will ya? Are you all THAT lazy that you can’t use Google?

Exactly ONE educator who had relevant math K-12 classroom experience was in the two groups that were involved with writing the standards.

So far as anyone can tell, there were no teachers with relevant K-12 experience in the ELA group. There was also no one with an early childhood development background. The rest were higher ed policy wonks, testing outfit employees and publishing company people.

Required reading for the N&O and Charlotte Observer boards:

The Common Core Sales Job – Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

It IS the Obamacare of Education in that it’s one size fits all as dictated by a single set of standards that were never tested and rolled out in a half-baked fashion to make sure states took the Race To The Top bait.

*This article has been updated

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