Bev “Suspend Elections” Perdue Meets Ironic End

Bye Bye, Obama Girl Perdue!

This week NC Governor, Bev Perdue, announced she would not seek re-election. Color me shocked. Irony had a chuckle about that since her flap earlier this year about suspending elections. The only campaign being suspended is her own.

barack-obama-bev-perdue-2011-6-13-13-31-10Probably a good idea Bev, since you and your staff were caught receiving unemployment numbers ahead of the public release, your staff has been indicted and so have some of your donors.  Perdue keeping the cash was stupid on parade.

I somehow doubt that dodging a second term is going to leave Perdue with an inoculation to being pursued further on those issues. My money is on Perdue being given the Easley treatment and dragged away from the cozy lobbying job she has apparently garnered — that is my own interpretation of her statement not to run.

I think she’s going to be sitting pretty with the teacher’s lobby as soon as her term ends. At any rate, she’s gone into hiding.

Her statement is one giant “boo-hoo, poor me” and reminiscent of all the times Obama has complained about Congress.

“But I understand this:  We live in highly partisan times, where some people seem more worried about scoring political points than working together to address the real challenges our state faces.  And it is clear to me that my race for re-election will only further politicize the fight to adequately fund our schools.   A re-election campaign in this already divisive environment will make it more difficult to find any bipartisan solutions.”

Her complaints stem mainly from all her vetoes that were overridden. Just like Obama, she likes to blame others when things don’t go her way. Her mention of schools here is what leads me to believe she’ll end up in a big figure job lobbying for the teachers.

Also, the most recent over-ride blocked the Union-style move of deducting dues for the Teachers Association directly from teachers paychecks. Perdue was furious, the Dems cried foul (even though they had a large number who voted) and the teachers, of course, freaked out and filed suit.  I think that vote really broke her back. Read her whole 2012 withdrawal statement here. Bring a Kleenex.

A little overview of DNC chaos: Perdue’s decision means Democrats scrambling:

Some “Obama” Perspective on the Perdue retreat: RealClearPolitics – Perdue’s Departure Highlights Obama’s Tough Path in N.C.

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Let’s look at who will run for her seat for the Democrat side:

Bill Faison

  • See comments and opinions from Faison on the Ultra-left leaning BlueNC page here.
  • His messy divorce abandonment claim.
  • The NC Dems wanted Perdue in 2008 and I think he’s still ticked.
  • Oh, and he’s a pal of Occupy.

Walter Dalton

  • Currently the Lt. Governor – website here.
  • Apparently more to the center of Faison, or at least likes snubbing BlueNC.
  • I remember his ads – hard to block them out, even as boring as they were.

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