NC Governor Perdue Issues Apolo-attack to Mississippi

In true Democrat form, Governor Bev Perdue issued her idea of an apology to Mississippi for her prior remarks about the state. It’s become apparent that to a Democrat, Liberal, Progressive or Lefty Moonbat, an apology is just another chance to slight the other party.

From WRAL (who blew off the John Edwards/ Madam story) with emphasis added:

“I thought we had a really good conversation about public policy between North Carolina and Mississippi,” Perdue said.

Still, she said, her comments were only meant to express confusion about how a state that had stood up to improve race relations decades ago could approve the amendment.

“(It’s a fact) that Mississippi, for years, tended to be more conservative and North Carolina tended to be more progressive,” she said. “I did tell (Bryant) that, after everybody spent their money in North Carolina, we would encourage them to go on to Mississippi, because it is a great state with great people.”

Bryant said his conversation with Perdue was “disappointing” and that her characterization of Mississippi is inaccurate.

“(We have) more African American elected officials than any state in the nation, two statewide elected officials that are Republican females. I think we are doing an excellent job,” he said.

It seems the only sense this woman has was spent in the decision not to seek re-election. Pity, I’d have love watching the history making landslide she would have lost in. I guess I’ll have to settle for watching Bev Part II go down instead.

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