NC Is *SO* Over Bev Perdue

NC Governor Bev Perdue to the reporter asking the “transparency governor” about the NC Democratic Party’s sexual harassment scandal: GET OVER IT.


No worries, Governor, NC is very much over you.

Not really an effective re-election campaign slogan. NC Governor, Bev Perdue, really shows her hand with regards to what passes for concern in the Democrat ‘party of women’.

This video and story went National news in a hot second, leaving Perdue no option but to make the ‘transparent’ call for the resignation of the Chairman.

Well, we can see now why Bev Perdue is not running for a second term.

On top of her staff and donors being indicted for campaign finance violations and her calling for the suspension of elections we now know Perdue was well aware of sexual harassment claims within her own party as far back as last year.

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