Bob Etheridge vs Walter Dalton

Clash of the NC Dem Titans:

Captain ‘Who Are You’ vs. Walter *yawwwwwn* Dalton

Bill “Occupier” Faison treated like the fat kid picked last at kickball

Real Clear Politics had this column up and I had to jump in here:

As the brief Democratic primary campaign for governor neared its possible finish, former U.S. Rep. Bob Etheridge blasted Lt. Gov. Walter Dalton on Saturday for sending out campaign mailings that Etheridge said reminded him of tactics used by the late Republican Sen. Jesse Helms.

Etheridge responded with a television ad and accused Dalton of picking and choosing votes from his 14 years in Congress without telling the whole story.

“He only chose to give half the truth, and when I was growing up my mother reminded me if you only tell me half the truth, you’re lying,” Etheridge said Saturday in an interview at an early-voting site in Raleigh. The Democratic primary is Tuesday. There could be a runoff if the leading candidate fails to get more than 40 percent of the vote.

Dalton shot back that Etheridge’s voting record was fair game and that comparing him to Helms was an attempt by Etheridge to “flame racial passions” in the campaign’s final days. Etheridge’s campaign said the Dalton mailings targeted black voters likely to vote in the Democratic primary, but Dalton said the issues he’s addressed in mail resonate with all voters.


“Walter Dalton is attacking Bob Etheridge for supporting Barack Obama in Congress,” the narrator in Etheridge’s new ad says, which ends with “Walter Dalton, tell the truth.”

Long and short:

Dalton had an unboring ad about Etheridge, unlike Dalton’s own.  Etheridge was mad someone called him out on his record. That record speaks for itself – a lot of Obama support – which is why Etheridge is ‘focused on education‘ like the departing Governor, Bev “Get over it” Perdue.

Bill Faison, a “leading candidate” is being ignored like the fat kid while picking kickball teams. Bob, it’s silly you’re running  — we just have to play this to negate you and remind you that Renee Ellmers, a first time runner and Tea partier, unseated you:

Bill Faison had to get into the fray somehow because no one is really paying much attention to this far left fool. From the Article:

State Rep. Bill Faison, another of the leading candidates, began running radio ads this weekend critical of both Etheridge and Dalton and recalled the 2010 viral video of Etheridge grabbing a young adult around the neck. The video contributed to Etheridge’s 2010 congressional defeat.

“Bill’s opponents just aren’t leaders,” the narrator in one of Faison’s ads says.

Now, Bill, I’m no strategist, but the last thing I would be do is floating the Etheridge video when there’s one of you at Occupy Raleigh:

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