Dear Gov. Perdue – You’re an Idiot.

I cannot wait until this woman is out of office. Only then can we stop the stupid from hemorrhaging from her mouth.

North Carolina governor: Gay marriage ban ‘hurts our brand’ – Mackenzie Weinger –

North Carolina Gov. Bev Perdue (D) said Tuesday the proposed gay marriage ban is “bad for business” and “hurts our brand.”

Perdue told MSNBC’s “Daily Rundown” host Chuck Todd that she considers her state’s vote on Tuesday “our Rosa Parks moment in North Carolina because it’s about taking away civil rights.”

This is a big day for North Carolina. Chuck, this hurts our brand,” Perdue said. “Our state has been known around America and around the world as a progressive leader, as an inviting state, the hub of business and opportunity. This is bad for business.”

North Carolina already has a “very clear statute” defining marriage as between a man and a woman, the Democratic governor said, noting that she voted for that law when she was a state senator.

“We have a very clear statue on the books that defines marriage in North Carolina as being between a man and woman, so today’s vote, though some of the extremists have labeled it as about marriage between a man and woman, it’s about civil rights. It’s about taking away rights of North Carolinians,” she said.

She wraps up with this hypocrisy laden gem:

“It’s very important to me that the folks in North Carolina who have not cast their ballot understand that this constitutional amendment takes away a lot of civil liberties, civil rights. It’s not about gay marriage,” Perdue said. “That is not what this issue is about. We have a statute on the books. So for the voters in North Carolina, don’t be confused. Go in there and vote no.”

She starts out talking about how adding this amendment to the NC Constitution is ‘bad for business’ (how sensitive) and then segues into talking about how the law already bans gay marriage in NC – even driving it home a second time.

Perdue is Unamused - ScreenCap - Tax Plan Disaster_FilterIs she seriously that daft that she doesn’t realize she just left people asking two big questions?:

1. How long as gay marriage been banned in NC?

2. Why didn’t the democrat controlled legislature pass that law in the first place?

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