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Dem Lawmaker, Mayor of Charlotte Expose Political Purpose of #HB2 Opposition

Governor McCrory and other officials had said recently that a repeal of HB2 might be possible, but the Charlotte Ordinance would have to be repealed first. Any chance of that happening was killed by both North Carolina State lawmaker Becky Carney (Mecklenburg) and Mayor Roberts.

Carney, a Democrat, killed the attempt to repeal the illegal Charlotte Ordinance as part of a compromise related to a possibly repeal House Bill 2 (HB2). What’s more, Carney’s maneuvering has exposed the use of HB2 as political leverage by Democrats. Continue reading

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Former UNC Coach Convicted Of DWI Fundraises for Cooper on #HB2

Former North Carolina player and Assistant Basketball Coach, Phil Ford, has come out supporting Roy Cooper for Governor.

In the email, Ford laments the ACC pulling out championship games because of HB2. Ford says he’s “proud to support Roy Cooper, who said from the very beginning that this law was a bad idea.”

Yet Ford fails to mention Cooper did not oppose the illegal Charlotte ordinance which prompted HB2. Cooper also has refused to do his job and defend the state from lawsuits stemming from HB2. Continue reading

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New McCrory Ad Hits Cooper on His #HB2 Push

In my article at Breitbart, I examined how Attorney General Roy Cooper was leveraging House Bill 2 (HB2) to further his campaign.

In that article, I pointed out how Roy Cooper had been conspiring with businesses to cripple the North Carolina economy over HB2 and cited the Wall Street Journal’s revelations on Cooper’s activities.

See the new ad by Governor McCory dealing with this issue. Continue reading

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Fraternal Order of Police Walk Out on Roy Cooper [Video]

At the North Carolina state convention of the Fraternal Order of Police (FOP), members walked out on Attorney General Roy Cooper.

Members were apparently still upset with Cooper over the mishandling of the Kerrick case and walked out on him as he took questions about it. The FOP had decided to endorse Governor Pat McCrory instead.

WCCB reported: Continue reading

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Cooper’s Q2 Filings Reveal Big Out of State Cash, Including Former NBA Commissioner

It’s being widely circulated that the DNC leaked emails show collusion and cheering of the economic threats by certain businesses to North Carolina over House Bill 2 (HB2).

Yesterday, Governor McCory made a statement about these leaks:

“What’s most disturbing is that these emails have clearly shown something we suspected all along,” McCrory said. “That’s the state of North Carolina, the city of Charlotte and especially small businesses are being used as a pawn by Roy Cooper, by the mayor of Charlotte and by the Democratic Party, on an issue that was made up purely for political purpose and to raise money.” – ABC11


“They cheered. They literally cheered when businesses would boycott our great state,” the governor said. – ABC11

But how close is the North Carolina media looking at Roy Cooper’s involvement or mentions in the DNC leaks? So far, not very closely.

As previously reported, the second quarter campaign finance reports for NC Attorney General Roy Cooper’s campaign shows that the CEO of Lambda Legal , Rachel Tiven, gave the campaign $5,100. Tiven did not list Lambda Legal as her employer on the donation filing, but instead her most recent former employer. Continue reading

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#DNCLeaks: NYC Gay Power Couple Hosts Fundraiser for NC’s Roy Cooper

As previously reported by this site, North Carolina’s Attorney General and Gubernatorial candidate, Roy Cooper, was mentioned in the Democratic National Committee (DNC) emails leaked by WikiLeaks.

In the previously reported emails, several DNC officials, who also provide event coordination via various companies for Democrat events, helped facilitate a meeting between Goldman Sachs employees and a top Obama Super PAC contributor.

Roy Cooper’s name appears a second time in the leaked DNC emails. This time it is a fundraiser event hosted by a gay power couple in New York City. Continue reading

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