New McCrory Ad Hits Cooper on His #HB2 Push

In my article at Breitbart, I examined how Attorney General Roy Cooper was leveraging House Bill 2 (HB2) to further his campaign.

In that article, I pointed out how Roy Cooper had been conspiring with businesses to cripple the North Carolina economy over HB2 and cited the Wall Street Journal’s revelations on Cooper’s activities.


The Wall Street Journal article revealed in May that Cooper called Marc Benioff, the CEO of, to talk about the transgender dispute. The call then led to an early April meeting between Benioff and one of‘s customers, Deutsche Bank AG. On April 12, Deutsche Bank AG then announced it’s decision to stop an expansion that would have brought 250 jobs to North Carolina. The Wall Street Journal also reported that Benioff contacted the CEO of the Charlotte-based Bank of America to bring economic pressure to bear on HB2.

Cooper also refused to enter into a multi-state amicus brief in 2015 which centered around blocking the Obama administration’s Department of Education’s from forcing open facilities in schools.

In a new ad, while not naming Cooper, McCrory takes aim at these push to endanger our children’s privacy in school settings.



Pat McCrory: You know, when we were raising average teacher pay, creating new jobs and cutting taxes, other folks were actually pushing to make our schools allow boys to use the girl’s locker rooms and showers. Are we really talking about this? Does the desire to be politically correct outweigh our children’s privacy and safety? Not on my watch. Our kids and teachers are my priority. This is North Carolina. Let’s do what’s right.

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  1. john says:

    HB2 seems to have killed his chances in NC


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