Cooper’s Q2 Filings Reveal Big Out of State Cash, Including Former NBA Commissioner

It’s being widely circulated that the DNC leaked emails show collusion and cheering of the economic threats by certain businesses to North Carolina over House Bill 2 (HB2).

Yesterday, Governor McCory made a statement about these leaks:

“What’s most disturbing is that these emails have clearly shown something we suspected all along,” McCrory said. “That’s the state of North Carolina, the city of Charlotte and especially small businesses are being used as a pawn by Roy Cooper, by the mayor of Charlotte and by the Democratic Party, on an issue that was made up purely for political purpose and to raise money.”  – ABC11


“They cheered. They literally cheered when businesses would boycott our great state,” the governor said. ABC11

But how close is the North Carolina media looking at Roy Cooper’s involvement, donations to his campaign or mentions of him in the DNC leaks?

So far, not very closely.

As previously reported, the second quarter campaign finance reports for NC Attorney General Roy Cooper’s campaign shows that the CEO of Lambda Legal , Rachel Tiven, gave the campaign $5,100.  Tiven did not list Lambda Legal as her employer on the donation filing, but instead her most recent former employer.

This donation is problematic due to Lambda Legal being one of the parties suing Governor Pat McCrory and the State of North Carolina over House Bill 2 (HB2). Attorney General Roy Cooper has abandoned his job duties and refused multiple times to defend McCrory or the state when it comes to HB2.

Tiven isn’t the only donor who has ties to the HB2 controversy.  Cooper’s second quarter financials also show that former NBA commissioner, David J. Stern, also gave Cooper $5,100 on June 8th, 2016.

A little over a month after Stern’s donation, the NBA pulls 2017 All Star game out of Charlotte as they had been threatening to do for months.   The preseason NBA games will go on as planned however in China,  which is known for it’s anti-LGBT laws and human rights violations.

Another high profile name was found in Cooper’s most recent campaign finance report, that of wealthy hedge fund manager, political activist and top Democrat fundraiser, Tom Steyer.

Steyer has been a devout big ‘green’ proponent and climate change true believer.  In 2013, he Washington Post described him as: “The man who has Obama’s ear when it comes to energy and climate change.”

As such a climate change proponent, Steyer refused to endorse Hillary Clinton until June of 2016 when it became clear Bernie Sanders was out.  Steyer, however, is also a top tier Clinton Foundation donor.

Clinton Foundation donors, including Steyer, pumped over $13 million into Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe’s campaign. McAuliffe was chair of both Bill Clinton’s 1996 re-election campaign and Hillary Clinton’s 2008 presidential attempt. McAuliffe’s very first Executive order as Governor was prohibiting discrimination based on “Sexual Orientation” or “Gender Identity”.

In 2014, Steyer was notably invested in Sen. Harry Reid to the tune of $5 million dollars. That same 2014 election cycle, Steyer dropped a total of over $75 million.

In a prior article, it was noted that the DNC leaker emails showed a meeting at Goldman Sachs between Cooper and various individuals. That meeting was facilitated by Zach Allen, a DNC employee and owner of TIPAH Consulting.

While the Goldman Sachs employee engaged in that leaked email conversation with Allen was not a donor, two other prominent Goldman Sachs employees were. Both Paul Parker and Timothy Ingrassia work as Co-Chairs of Global Mergers and Acquisitions at Goldman Sachs.  The pair gave donations to Cooper exactly one month apart:

  • 05-01-16 Paul Parker, $5,100 (Goldman Sachs, Co-Chair Global Mergers & Acquisitions)
  • 06-01-16 Timothy J. Ingrassia, $1,000 (Goldman Sachs, Co-Chair Global Mergers & Acquisitions)

Other notable donors included the CEO of HBO, the wife of Disney Company’s Board Chair, Saturday Night Live’s Lorne Michaels, and clothing mogul Ralph Lauren.

Not to be left out of the list is the billionaire who has funded nearly every far Left and progressive group at one point or another, George Soros. Both he and one of his sons, Alexander, gave donations to Cooper totaling $10,200.

Receipts of Note by Date:

04-07-16 George Soros $5,100 (Tides Foundation, Open Society Foundation)

04-07-16 Alexander Soros $5,100 (“Student”)

04-14-16 Cindy Harrel-Horn, $5,100 (Wife of Alan Horn, Disney Board Chair)

04-26-16 William E. Little Jr., $1,000 (#9 Obama Super PAC Donor in 2012)

04-26-16 Thomas Woodbury, $5,100 (HBO CEO)

05-01-16 Paul Parker, $5,100 (Goldman Sachs, Global Mergers & Acquisitions)

05-02-16 Dan Bross, $5,100 (Director of Corporate Citizenship, Microsoft)

05-15-16 John R. Kosa, $5,100 (Bio /worked at Stanford)

05-18-16 George Little, $1,000 (Brother of William Little, Obama Super PAC donor)

05-18-15 Lorne Michaels $1,000 (Saturday Night Live/Producer)

05-25-16 Zachary Allen $5 (DNC Employee / CEO/Founder of TIPAH)

06-01-16 Timothy J. Ingrassia, $1,000 (Goldman Sachs, Global Mergers & Acquisitions)

06-06-16 Tom Steyer, $5,100 (Major DNC Figure/ Donor)

06-07-16 Ralph Lauren, $5,100 (Ralph Lauren Clothing, POLO)

06-08-16 David J. Stern, $5,100 (Former NBA Commissioner)

06-14-16 Stephen Henderson $2,000 (Held fundraiser at NYC home in June for Cooper)

06-24-16 William E. Little Jr., $2,000 (#9 Obama Super PAC Donor in 2012)

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