Fraternal Order of Police Walk Out on Roy Cooper [Video]

At the North Carolina state convention of the Fraternal Order of Police (FOP), members walked out on Attorney General Roy Cooper.

Members were apparently still upset with Cooper over the mishandling of the Kerrick case and walked out on him as he took questions about it. The FOP had decided to endorse Governor Pat McCrory instead.

WCCB reported:

NCGOP Executive Director Dallas Woodhouse issued the following statement:

“That fact that law enforcement officers walked out on Roy Cooper and endorsed Pat McCrory for governor is a major indictment of Cooper’s 16-year record as the state’s top cop and chief law enforcement officer, which has been weak, ineffective and sparse of real accomplishment. This walkout shows larger unrest for Roy Cooper among the law enforcement community across the state, which has been unhappy with his handling of scandals at the State Bureau of Investigation, failure to fix persistent backlogs at the state crime lab and his refusal to do his job to defend the law even if he personally disagrees with it.”

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3 Responses to Fraternal Order of Police Walk Out on Roy Cooper [Video]

  1. NBB says:

    Fire him!!!


  2. donnie taylor says:

    As the State`s chief law enforcement officer he has failed miserably. He knows full well that the purpose of HB 2 was to stop the scenario whereby a grown man could walk into a little girl`s bathroom or shower unannounced and do whatever he wants.


    • Kim says:

      Setting aside the fact that Roy Cooper is a radical leftist who is more concerned with himself and his destructive ideology than protecting young girls and women, I wish law enforcement leadership — specifically the police unions — would stop pandering to and supporting BLM Democrats and come out forcefully FOR the law and order candidate Donald J Trump.


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