Get a Load of the Social Justice Warrior Indoctrinating Kids In Durham

Strap in, folks. This is a ‘hair on fire’ article.

Via News and Observer

Via News and Observer

On Wednesday evening, the News and Observer’s Ed blog dropped a story about a teacher at Hillside High in Durham.   Go. Read. It.

The teacher’s name is Holly Jordan. I’ve actually written about this woman’s exploits before.

She apparently teachers English.  She’s a full-blown social justice warrior and it’s clear from the N&O article her mission is to indoctrinate as many kids as she can.

Her speciality? Busting up ‘heternormativity’ and ‘gender norms’ in our schools.  Sounds familiar.

According to the News and Observer,  Jordan says it’s a “problem” in our schools:

“Gender norms and heteronormativity are being reproduced in our schools everyday despite the fact that there are many people out there who are trying to keep that from happening,” Jordan told the audience. “That is a problem happening in our schools.

“It’s our responsibility as educators – and as social justice-oriented human beings – to change that. That just doesn’t benefit LGBT students, transgender students. Equity practices benefit everyone.”

Gee. And here I thought getting our kids performing better at math, reading and other academic subjects was the big problem in our schools.

Jordan’s Social Justice Warrior Resume includes:

  • Member of the NCAE’s Social Justice Caucus, Organize2020
  • Member of Durham People’s Alliance
  • Member of Durham Association of Educators
  • Involved with NC Safe Schools
  • Adviser to Gay-Straight Alliance at Hillside High
  • Moral Monday Attendee and Arrestee
  • Holds workshops on fighting racism and economic injustice in our schools
  • Held a session on “Supporting Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming Students” at the NPE 2016 conference. Reverend Barber was also a speaker and her husband was a presenter.
Via Facebook

Jordan and Profit at Moral Monday Via Facebook

Jordan is the significant other to none other than Durham’s most radical teacher. Readers of this blog will instantly recognize the name, Bryan Proffitt.

Fun Fact: They both teach at Hillside. No media article I located on the pair bothered to mention that they are married.

Back to the News and Observer article:

Jordan also promoted the idea of using micro-affirmations to provide subtle everyday validations of who students are. She said that would help counter micro-aggressions such as asking if someone is a boy or a girl that, while not an outright incident of bullying, is something that “rubs you the wrong way” if you are a transgender student who hears that question every day.

One micro-affirmation, Jordan suggested, is to include on student information sheets the name on the roster and the name that students want to be called.

“Lots of kids and lots of adults want to be called by a nickname,” Jordan said. “Their name is Elizabeth and they want to be called Liz. No one ever questions that.

“So why is it a question if someone on the roster has a traditionally female name and wants to be called a traditionally male name? It’s fine.”

Jordan also suggested asking on the student info sheet for everyone’s preferred pronoun. She said it not only lets you know that the pronoun choice is different from the sex listed on the roster, but it also “subtly educates” students that it’s something that they can and should ask.

For instance, Jordan said she’s working on stopping calling people ‘sir’ or ‘ma’am.’ She said using those pronouns assume something you might not know.

And there it is, parents in Durham, this person is spending more time with your child than you do during the week. Are you comfortable with this?

Social Justice FactoriesSo, Jordan is a believer in micro-aggressions and the gaggle of trans pronouns but is totally unaware that her own course of action she suggests she employs micro-aggressions – by her own definition.

Kids who know there are two sexes (which is the VAST majority) now will be subjected to bullying by their own teacher. They are to treat everyone they encounter with kid gloves or be accused of micro-aggressions.

These kids are being instructed to ignore biology and treat everyone they encounter as if they were Pat of the Saturday Night Live fame.


But wait, there’s more from Jordan, the Pronoun Police of Hillside:

“Some people do not prefer to go by she or he,” Jordan said. “They use a different pronoun and I have several friends in my life who prefer the they pronoun. There’s this sort of ridiculous, in my opinion, backlash around, ‘like but oh grammar.’

“I just think, speaking as an English teacher, I will say that anytime we think that the rules of grammar are more important than human respect, then we are doing something wrong in our classroom.”

‘Like but oh grammar’? This woman is an English teacher? As long as you use the right pronoun, it’s all good.

To the credit of the News and Observer article wraps up by detailing Jordan’s involvement in radical groups and notes her arrest at Moral Monday:

HOLLY JORDAN NCAE DAE ARREST 2016 NCGAJordan, who wore a ‘Black Lives Matter’ t-shirt as she made her presentation, has a history of activism. She’s a member of the social justice caucus for Organize 2020, a group formed by the N.C. Association of Educators.

Jordan was arrested at a June 17, 2013 “Moral Mondays’ protest in Raleigh while wearing a shirt that said “Public School Teacher.” Jordan made a statement on the Halifax Mall criticizing the General Assembly shortly before being among 84 demonstrators who were arrested by the N.C. General Assembly police.

Read the statement she made before her arrest in 2013 wherein she leverages children and emotional analogies to launch a political attack.  There are no actual facts in her statement. There’s really nothing about education in her statement. It’s all emotion.  It’s about politics.

I’ve said this more times than I can count: Social Justice has been replacing actual academic instruction for a long time.  Visit any college campus where students are afraid of chalk to see the results. Just ask Trigglypuff.

Until parents start standing up and pushing back on this crap by demanding teachers focus on actual academics and leave activism and politics out of the classroom, it will continue.

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  2. Guenther says:

    I know a Lesbian couple with two little girls. They recently cut their 5-year-old daughter’s hair short so they can raise her and her baby sister as its. Both of these women are teachers in the SanFrancisco area. I have not seen a picture yet of the older daughter smiling since her hair was cut. This is child abuse and they are teaching our children.


  3. I think the psychology here is ‘I’m better than you, more kind, just and moral, you should listen to me’. It’s just a power play. This woman is a dictator in progress.


  4. Campbell says:

    She is a whack job!


  5. ALRUI says:

    The education system has been ruined by these “feel good” libtards!


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