Hey, Remember NCAE’s ‘Member-Led’ Group? Organize 2020?

From time to time, I check back on certain stories to see what’s going on. I’ve been documenting a lot of politicking in our public schools in NC lately, so I thought I’d take a peek at Organize 2020 again.

The NCAE has claimed that Organize 2020 is their ‘member-led’ group, which the NCAE made into a caucus last year.  I checked out their website. Most of it was the same, a few things changed:

I noticed something on their “Actions” page that I hadn’t seen before. It probably had been there a while, but somehow I didn’t spot it before now.  Under the ‘Find more information’ section on the “Actions” page the first link is: “What is Neo-liberalism?

Uh, say what?

We’ll get to ‘Neo-Liberalism in a bit, let’s stay on the link from Organize 2020.

That “What is Neo-liberalism” link takes you to the Educreations page for Durham teacher Holly Jordan.

You might remember Ms. Jordan and her Moral Monday social justice  education speech and her subsequent arrest record. Maybe you remember her from her LGBT activism in Durham schools or from her checking to see if you’re a racist.

There’s a video on Jordan’s page.

The video is just over 20 something minutes long and chock full of bullshit narratives, including the recent favorite of those who are logic challenged — the demonization of Christopher Columbus as a mass genocide perpetrator by applying modern morality to something that happens centuries ago.

A bit about “Neo-Liberalism”
Neo-liberalism is basically the same liberalism we’ve seen since 1960 or so, but now the liberals are now worried about the economy and free market that they’ve been trashing for decades. To be more specific, neo-liberalism is more about the liberals are worried about how the economy is impacting their social justice activism.

I don’t think whoever made this video ‘gets’ what neo-liberalism really about.  The creator of the video quotes a main idea of libertarianism as being the main idea of ne0-liberalism. That’s perhaps because neo-liberalism could arguably be described as a bastardized Marxist version of libertarianism.

One slide near the end makes the comment that the “NCAE is in a period of transition right now, though…”, that they have lost their ‘seat at the table’ and their membership is declining big time. GEE, wonder why!

As a parent, I’d be pretty concerned by what these Organize 2020 teachers are espousing. The net-net of the video seems to be ‘unions are the answer’, “we need to build a union”, Teach for America sucks, and Oh, woes us.

I can tell, you’re just shocked right? It’s no wonder homeschooling is booming.

Shorter: Neo-liberalism is a hot mess.

So is the NCAE and Organize 2020.

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