Baldwin Continues To Fight For Parental Rights, Appeals Kite Runner Decision

In Buncombe county, Lisa Baldwin is a one woman army for parental rights.

After taking issue with the book, The Kite Runner, that given to one of her children that contained explicit and graphic scenes of rape as well as violent scenes throughout, Baldwin took her complaints to the school.

The Kite Runner inexplicably replaced the book that was used for years,  All Quiet on the Western Front.

From there, the complaint went to the Reynolds High Media/Technology Advisory Committee (MTAC) for review. MTAC approved the use of the book.

MTAC’s meeting was held behind closed doors.  Baldwin has told me her public information requests for the MTAC meeting minutes and vote count have been denied.

So much for transparency in our schools?

Baldwin is not giving up, instead, she’s appealing the decision and it will go to another committee, according to Citizen-Times:

The appeal now goes to a Community Media/Technology Advisory Committee, which will re-examine the issue and make a recommendation to the Buncombe County Board of Education, according to board policy.

Will this committee also meet behind closed doors?

Parents, take note of what your child is reading — at any grade level. Pay attention to what is going on in your child’s school.

Were you informed of potentially controversial assignments? Did you have objections that were summarily swept under the rug? Did you have to meet with a panel of staff just to get your questions answered?

Are your parental rights being trumped by the school system that your tax dollars fund?


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