#DM7 Article: Clinton Maintains The Obama Administration’s Level Of Transparency

This is a reposting of my weekly Da Tech Guy Column: Clinton Maintains The Obama Administration’s Level Of Transparency

By A.P. Dillon

After the Select Committee on Benghazi requested emails from Hillary Clinton surrounding the attack in Benghazi, a real bombshell landed.

The State Department turned over about 300 emails from Clinton. All of them from a personal email account. Transparency! 

According to a New York Times article, Hillary Clinton apparently never had a government email address during her four years as Secretary of State. It would appear that no measures were taken to archive any of her emails on the agency’s servers, which is required by the Federal Records Act.

The media is all aflutter.

The media is stunned at the lack of transparency. None of them can really explain it, including former White House Press Secretary, Robert Gibbs, who appeared on the TODAY show with Matt Lauer.

Ok, so Gibbs can’t explain it, but where’s Jay Carney?  Flashback to 2011 – Carney says ‘all of our work is done in work email accounts‘. In 2013, Carney walks back that comment and instead says staff routinely have ‘alternate email accounts’.

Well, Carney should tell Jason Baron that, because he is laboring on the theory that high-ranking officials don’t use personal email accounts:

“I can recall no instance in my time at the National Archives when a high-ranking official at an executive branch agency solely used a personal email account for the transaction of government business,” said Mr. Baron, who worked at the agency from 2000 to 2013. Source: NY Times

The question remains, will the ‘most transparent administration in history’ defend this incidence as they did in 2013?

The security ramifications of this revelation are frightening.

Just ask former CIA director and U.S. Army General Petraeus, who is plead guilty this week to “unauthorized removal and retention of classified information”.

According to the Washington Post, the private account Clinton was using was created the day she was set to start confirmation hearings by the Senate.

Are you Ready For Hillary?

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